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10/19/21 10:26pm
Ritchie and Tishkoff are among the 100 new members that were elected to join the academy’s most diverse class of new members, composed of around 50% women and 50% racial minorities.
09/22/21 12:10am
Inspired by the national It’s On Us movement, It’s On Us PA is a statewide campaign that is designed to counter sexual violence on campus. 
09/15/21 12:33am
Eleven Navy team members with deployments around the globe will promote new approaches to civilian and military health care.
09/08/21 12:58am
The partnership is designed to solve social problems that act as social determinants of health, such as economic instability and inadequate education.
08/31/21 1:23am
Masks are required at all indoor businesses and institutions, regardless of vaccination status, unless the business chooses to require that all people inside prove they are fully vaccinated. 
04/27/21 10:29pm
The state’s population has remained steady over the last 10 years, but other southern and western states have experienced faster population growth.
04/22/21 12:00am
The principles aim to provide a framework for Yale to encourage fossil fuel producers to uptake more sustainable practices and shift to a decarbonized energy future.
04/14/21 8:16pm
Researchers told Penn Today that these findings do not diminish the losses due to COVID-19, but underscore the daily health hazards that Americans face. 
04/06/21 11:50pm
City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley announced that Philadelphia had an average of 507 new cases per day and an 8.7% positivity rate for COVID-19 tests. 
03/24/21 11:13pm
The decision comes after several universities—including Penn—have announced plans for a return to in-person operations for the fall.
03/16/21 11:50pm
By March 2021, Black students in grades K-5 have incurred an 11.9% loss in lifetime income from school closures, and white students have lost 10.4%.
03/04/21 12:26am
Temple also plans to re-open residence halls, dining halls, academic buildings, and athletic and recreational facilities in the fall.
02/24/21 12:57am
A Supreme Court decision would have addressed the question of whether state courts have the right to change voting procedures set by the legislature. 
02/17/21 1:30am
Wharton was joined by Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business in skipping the most recent rankings.
02/09/21 10:38pm
The project documents dispossessions of land, embodiments, and cultural values in the Americas from 1492 to today.
02/09/21 10:38pm
The project documents dispossessions of land, embodiments, and cultural values in the Americas from 1492 to today.
02/02/21 11:43pm
The new center will conduct research on oral health policies at the global, national, and local levels, and facilitate conversations among educators and policymakers on health policy and health systems. 
01/27/21 12:54am
The decision comes after PFC, which has already vaccinated thousands of Philadelphia residents, suddenly switched to a for-profit model and unexpectedly stopped offering COVID-19 tests.
11/18/20 12:31am
The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that Harvard University’s admissions process does not illegally discriminate against Asian Americans, upholding a federal court decision from 2019.
11/09/20 2:19am
Although the University recorded 8 positive asymptomatic COVID-19 test results from October 21-October 23, the most recorded in any three-day period so far, the positivity rate within that timeframe remained at 0.15%.
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