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04/22/22 12:19am
The announcement comes at a time of widespread turnover among administration for high-profile universities — several other presidents are also stepping down from their positions.
04/15/22 12:18am
In July 2020, Princeton Classics professor Joshua Katz wrote an essay in which he called the Black Justice League, a former student group at Princeton, a “small local terrorist organization,”
04/06/22 11:15pm
Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole said that while not required, the department of health recommends residents wear masks indoors and in public spaces.
03/31/22 1:27am
Each of the three schools ranked within the top 10 institutions in their respective fields.
03/30/22 10:19pm
The city postponed enforcing the ban for six months to help businesses adjust.
03/23/22 7:37pm
The three institutions will purchase over 15,600 monthly passes for $140 each and distribute them to employees in the hopes of increasing riding rates back to pre-pandemic levels.
03/02/22 11:19pm
The developing therapy — called FLASH for its speed — administers doses in under a second, while traditional therapies administer doses over several minutes, according to the press release.
02/23/22 10:36pm
Parents, staff, and students of the Robeson High School community gathered at district headquarters on Tuesday to fight for renovations for the school. 
02/16/22 8:59pm
Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole said that the mandate has been lifted due to the recent drop in COVID-19 cases.
02/13/22 11:17pm
According to the new guidelines which took effect on Monday, Feb. 7, students, faculty, and staff should instead use a three-ply surgical mask, KN95 mask, or N95 respirators 
02/02/22 9:21pm
The lawsuit claims that four of Genentech Inc's metastatic breast-cancer treatments mimic treatments that were developed and patented by Penn's cancer center.
01/27/22 10:02pm
Compared to the previous week's rate of 2,000 cases per day, Philadelphia reported an average of 996 daily cases this week, PhillyVoice reported.
01/19/22 8:28pm
The Philadelphia School District school board is set to vote on Jan. 27 on a policy that would enter the district into an agreement with Penn worth $816,500 a year over the course of five years.
11/30/21 10:11pm
Porat's conviction is the first in which a university administrator faced criminal prosecution for falsifying college ranking submissions.
11/16/21 10:52pm
"Mission Unstoppable," which began airing in 2019, is a television series highlighting women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 
11/03/21 1:08am
Vicinity owns the system that provides steam heat to the University and residential and office buildings in Center City.
10/19/21 10:26pm
Ritchie and Tishkoff are among the 100 new members that were elected to join the academy’s most diverse class of new members, composed of around 50% women and 50% racial minorities.
09/22/21 12:10am
Inspired by the national It’s On Us movement, It’s On Us PA is a statewide campaign that is designed to counter sexual violence on campus. 
09/15/21 12:33am
Eleven Navy team members with deployments around the globe will promote new approaches to civilian and military health care.
09/08/21 12:58am
The partnership is designed to solve social problems that act as social determinants of health, such as economic instability and inadequate education.
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