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06/24/14 8:33pm
The 47 percent increase in total crime for May 2014 compared with last May can be attributed to the increase in property crimes — the burglaries and the bike, building and retail thefts.
06/21/14 6:01pm

HUP doctor raped during Rittenhouse home invasion

Police say the 26-year old woman was followed home from a bar in Center City, where the suspect forced his way into her apartment on the 1900 block of Spruce Street and proceeded to sexually assault her.
05/19/14 10:46pm
Grammy-award winning musician and philanthropist John Legend told Penn’s graduating class to "open your mind and heart to love."
04/17/14 9:11pm

Wharton senior creates an app to help users make last-minute plans

At the last minute your schedule opens up, but the question is how to figure out what your friends are up to.
03/25/14 11:33pm

State senator Anthony Williams advocates school choice

Penn Democrats hosted Pennsylvania State Senator and Democratic Whip Anthony Hardy Williams Monday night in the LGBT Center.
02/24/14 11:40pm
In February, the United States observes Black History Month in celebration of the world's African diaspora. These are several selected moments in the history of the black community at Penn.
02/12/14 9:43pm
Last night, Ashley Johnson, a Penn graduate and broadcast reporter for PHL17's Eye Opener News gave advice to students interested in pursuing a career in journalism.
02/06/14 9:03pm

Prof. Fowler talks social networks and their impact

Fowler showed how the behavior of our social connections impact our behavioral patterns in regards to obesity, happiness, smoking, etc.
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