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11/30/16 9:37pm
University officials credited the endowment's growth to an increase in donations and the use of better, diversified investment strategies.
11/09/16 12:40pm
In the aftermath of the 45th presidential election, tension and anxiety are heavy in the campus atmosphere.
11/02/16 3:33pm

Ivy League pitcher to start for the Cubs in Game 7 of the World Series tonight

As if this year's World Series couldn't get crazier — the Chicago Cubs' very own starting pitcher for Game 7, Kyle Hendricks, once pitched against Penn as a member of Dartmouth's Big Green baseball team.  Before Hendricks rose up to the Major League, he joined Dartmouth and pitched the clinching game against Cornell in the best-of-three Ivy League Championship Series as a freshman in 2009 — his skill of pitching series-deciding games was acquired early on in his career.  When Hendricks faced off against Penn in 2011, the junior recorded six strikeouts.
11/02/16 3:33pm
The New York Times recently analyzed Trump and Clinton's student debt policies. 
10/25/16 1:56am
Middle of the semester got you in a rut?
10/19/16 5:43pm

When the professors go on strike, Pa. students turn up

Over 5,000 faculty from Pennsylvania's state-owned universities went on strike today, leaving students confused, upset and ready to party. 
01/20/16 10:48pm

Getting into the Ivy League with kindness

A new report says that kindness and community service are becoming more important in the admissions process. 
01/20/16 11:00am

Leveling the Harvard admissions playing field

Given Harvard's endowment of 36.7 billion dollars — the largest of any university in the U.S. — it begs the question as to why Harvard still charges undergraduates for tuition.
11/17/15 12:33am
How much does a facelift cost? — for Hill College House, the price is $80.5 million, but Hill's renovation is more like a structural surgery.
11/03/15 11:21pm
Of all the college houses, the change will have a particularly strong impact on Gregory and DuBois. 
11/02/15 12:04am
The Starbucks under 1920 Commons recently reduced its hours to close at midnight from 2 a.m.
10/31/15 2:00pm
An overflowing toilet on the floor above the lounge was the source of the water dripping through the ceiling.
10/26/15 10:27pm
Bon Appetit says they are willing to go to great lengths to accommodate students with special dietary needs, though it relies on students to reach out for help.
10/26/15 12:13am
 Penn Dining contends that the Gourmet Grocer provides a Penn-unique grocery service.
10/21/15 12:13am
This fall, FRES began the transition process on Oct. 8, and all heating systems should be confirmed to be operational by Oct. 21.
10/15/15 12:36am
Eighty-three percent of all beds in the college house system will be priced at the lower rate around $9,400 and 17 percent at the higher rate around $13,200.
10/13/15 12:22am
Dining also supported the opening of the football season on Twitter, and dining halls have featured flyers advertising upcoming games.
10/05/15 2:05am
Faculty in college houses learn to combine family and pets with a setting of noisy college students.
09/29/15 11:29pm
#TableTalkTuesdays will be held every two weeks in a different dining hall, and will encourage students to eat with strangers and discuss interesting topics. 
09/28/15 1:50am
Penn institutionalized the health frenzy on Monday Sept. 21 by becoming the first Ivy League university to join the Healthier Campus Initiative, the collegiate branch of the Partnership for a Healthier America.
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