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06/04/19 9:29am
Wharton Online released the fintech specialization on Coursera, an online learning platform, on May 30.
05/01/19 11:39pm
The Penn professors said they signed the letter because of the potential dangers of embryonic gene editing, adding that it is too early to know what the risks are. 
04/24/19 10:08pm
Before Fall 2018, Penn Global Seminar program fees did not include travel expenses or meals, creating uncertainty regarding the actual cost of the program. 
04/11/19 12:18am
Many universities chose performers who are traditionally underrepresented in the music industry, including female artists and artists of color. 
04/09/19 9:39pm
The course will be taught by Byron Pedler Sherwood, a senior fellow in the Biology Department, and will be offered to students from all four undergraduate schools with no prerequisites. 
04/03/19 10:08pm
The exhibit, "Memory Keepers: Why Objects Matter," was curated by College junior Megan McKelvey and College seniors Malkia Okech and Madison Greiner.
03/22/19 11:42pm
At the event, four panelists spoke about their experience as women of color and gave advice to Penn students about negotiating worthy salaries and practicing self-care. 
03/13/19 11:49pm
The new Penn Spine Center, located in Pennsylvania Hospital in Society Hill, aims to provide centralized care for patients with spinal conditions and chronic back pain.
03/12/19 8:45pm
This research has implications for the many research groups at Penn that currently pay participants, including the Wharton Behavioral Lab. 
02/17/19 5:41pm
The Lean Library Access browser extension allows students to access materials directly through an online search instead of through the Penn Libraries website.
02/05/19 11:12pm
The Philadelphia City Council bill would prohibit cashless retail locations, forbidding stores from refusing to accept cash or from charging customers a higher price for paying with cash.
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