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10/05/20 12:14am
Students criticize the change, saying that a lot of the content is specific to engineering fields and the videos are difficult to follow. The Math department, however, will not revert Math 104 to its old curriculum. 
09/24/20 12:19am
By improving ELISA technology, the Titan lab and startup AlphaThera will enable faster and more sensitive antibody tests for COVID-19 patients. 
09/15/20 12:36am
Designating a course on Penn InTouch as "asynchronous" removes its meeting times from students' schedules and allows students to register for another class offered in the same time slot.
08/27/20 11:34pm
The Virtual Shopping Period, which is from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15, will give undergraduate students access to all courses' Canvas pages as an "observer" to view any published material.
08/20/20 1:17am
Students said some labs were difficult to follow given the absence of immediate help and feedback from a teaching assistant who would typically oversee the labs in person.
03/01/20 11:25pm
Penn Abroad advised students abroad in Milan to leave the city following the CDC's level three advisory on Feb. 28 – although some students are choosing to stay in the city with the hope their school will reopen.
02/19/20 11:55pm
Legendary sociologist and writer W.E.B Du Bois notably worked at Penn over a century ago, and his legacy is celebrated at the University with the dorm that bears his name. But the experience of one of America's foremost Black thinkers at Penn is fraught with more discrimination than is often recognized. 
02/16/20 10:23pm
As part of NURS 065, Fundamentals of Nutrition, students were required to track their calories, fat, food intake, and general nutrition using a diet-tracking app. 
02/09/20 9:53pm
The research team found that manufactured cells were able to kill cancer months after their original infusion, Penn Medicine News reported.
02/09/20 9:50pm
Informatics assistant professor Mary Regina Boland found links between a person's birth month and a variety of cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological diseases.
02/09/20 8:52pm
The two programs, Law and International Affairs in Beijing and Engineering in Shenzhen, will place students at Seoul companies in their respective fields.
02/02/20 11:00pm
The Wistar Institute announced its partnership with Inovio Pharmaceuticals on Jan. 23 to accelerate vaccine development for the recent coronavirus outbreak. 
01/30/20 8:15pm
Director of PennApps and College junior Claudia Haddad said the group decided to try something new this semester to bring the PennApps experience to a younger, more entry-level audience.
01/23/20 11:38pm
Although the actuarial science concentration was removed from Wharton's web homepage late last semester, the program is now expected to continue for three more years. 
01/23/20 11:16pm
Although New York University became the first top United States medical school to cover tuition for all students over two years ago, a December 2019 survey deems the model "largely a pipe dream" for most other medical schools.
01/16/20 11:42pm
Nwankpa spent $185,000 in federal grant money from the Department of the Navy, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation for various personal entertainment purposes, ABC Philadelphia reported.
11/24/19 10:00pm
All of Penn’s partner universities in Hong Kong suspended in-person coursework and shifted to an online setting for the rest of the term.
11/17/19 8:22pm
Penn students who work on-campus jobs say they can no longer automatically set their hours in Workday and they do not receive notifications for deadlines to submit their hours, features that were previously provided through "eTimeSheets." 
11/05/19 8:11pm
Lamberton will serve as the inaugural Alberto I. Duran President’s Distinguished Professor in Wharton’s Marketing Department. Lamberton previously taught at the University of Pittsburgh for more than 10 years.
11/03/19 8:41pm
Wharton Management professor Lindsey Cameron’s research concluded that employees are more likely to donate their time and money to their co-workers when they practice mindfulness.
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