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2 hours ago
Although the actuarial science concentration was removed from Wharton's web homepage late last semester, the program is now expected to continue for three more years. 
01/16/20 11:42pm
Nwankpa spent $185,000 in federal grant money from the Department of the Navy, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation for various personal entertainment purposes, ABC Philadelphia reported.
11/24/19 10:00pm
All of Penn’s partner universities in Hong Kong suspended in-person coursework and shifted to an online setting for the rest of the term.
11/17/19 8:22pm
Penn students who work on-campus jobs say they can no longer automatically set their hours in Workday and they do not receive notifications for deadlines to submit their hours, features that were previously provided through "eTimeSheets." 
11/05/19 8:11pm
Lamberton will serve as the inaugural Alberto I. Duran President’s Distinguished Professor in Wharton’s Marketing Department. Lamberton previously taught at the University of Pittsburgh for more than 10 years.
11/03/19 8:41pm
Wharton Management professor Lindsey Cameron’s research concluded that employees are more likely to donate their time and money to their co-workers when they practice mindfulness.
10/16/19 7:39pm
The LSAT was administered digitally for the first time on Sept. 21, where students took the test with a tablet and a stylus.
10/13/19 10:22pm
In fall 2018, evidence of mold, moisture, and mildew was found in about 100 student rooms in the Quad, and forced over 10 students to relocate to nearby hotels for a week.
10/02/19 8:52pm
The museum will fully re-open to Penn students on Nov. 13, and to the general public on Nov. 16, with redesigned galleries and a refurbished main entrance and auditorium.
09/22/19 9:04pm
The current political and social unrest in Hong Kong began in June, when people took to the streets to oppose the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance amendment bill, which would allow local authorities to detain and extradite citizens of Hong Kong to mainland China. 
09/18/19 8:56pm
The new court will feature two parts, with a subfloor and a maple hardwood floor on the top, designed to reduce knee and joint injuries.
09/15/19 8:35pm
Students will be able to earn points from ordering on the app and completing “challenges" that include rating the application on the App Store and adding a profile picture. Students can then use the points to enter into different contests with prizes, like free Dining Dollars. 
09/11/19 8:59pm
Previously, Penn Global Seminar courses were only courses that did not require prerequisites.
09/08/19 7:58pm
Anthropology professor and Undergraduate Chair Katherine Moore said the new concentration was created because of interest from students and faculty in past years, amid the growing benefit of studying anthropology through an environmental lens.
09/02/19 6:53pm
“The opioid crisis is a catastrophe for the country, which many people have suffered and lost their lives,” said Henry Kranzler, director of the Center for Studies of Addiction at the Perelman School of Medicine. 
08/26/19 9:02pm
The Micro Market features automated self-checkout technology and will serve cold and hot food, from sushi to soup.
06/04/19 9:29am
Wharton Online released the fintech specialization on Coursera, an online learning platform, on May 30.
05/01/19 11:39pm
The Penn professors said they signed the letter because of the potential dangers of embryonic gene editing, adding that it is too early to know what the risks are. 
04/24/19 10:08pm
Before Fall 2018, Penn Global Seminar program fees did not include travel expenses or meals, creating uncertainty regarding the actual cost of the program. 
04/11/19 12:18am
Many universities chose performers who are traditionally underrepresented in the music industry, including female artists and artists of color. 
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