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02/23/20 9:38pm
Painter, who worked for former President George W. Bush, said ethical norms are declining under 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump's presidency.
02/14/20 7:33pm
President Donald Trump awarded a scholarship to Philadelphia schoolgirl Janiyah Davis to promote school choice, condemning "failing government schools." But Davis attends one of the best charter schools in the city.
10/24/17 9:15pm
The office has partnered with local, smaller advocate groups and nonprofit organizations to help those affected by the Trump administrations decision to repeal DACA. 
10/22/17 4:59pm
"Campuses have to insist on a commitment to hearing a diverse set of views that are in line with our mission of advancing and disseminating knowledge,” GSE professor Sigal Ben-Porath said.
10/04/17 6:42pm
Some Penn students are going as part of their work for Rough Draft Ventures, a venture capital company that supports entrepreneurship at the university level. 
09/27/17 6:35pm
Sleep deprivation might help treat depression because it resets patient's circadian clock, an "internal clock." 
09/21/17 8:20pm
“Moving forward the board chose a more moderate representative — that’s me,” Wharton junior Nile Nwogu  said.
09/15/17 4:18pm
Leaders of the group said a key area of concern is the issue of free speech on college campuses. 
09/03/17 5:38pm
The Zero Waste and Litter Action Plan aims to reduce litter in the city and end the city’s use of landfills and conventional incinerators by 2035. 
05/02/17 6:39pm
The winning group was Twine, a human resources software company that helps employers save money by retaining their top employees. The group, who beat over a hundred other participants, won a $30,000 grand prize.
04/17/17 11:14pm
Launched last October, Rare Carat bills itself as the “ of diamonds,” allowing users to browse for diamonds in the same way that travel search engine KAYAK allows users to search for travel deals.
04/02/17 7:43pm
The Kelly Writers House held its annual Marathon Reading program on Thursday, where students and faculty took turns reading out loud from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy series.
02/26/17 9:28pm
On Thursday, Caryl Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF came to Houston Hall to speak about the state of the global refugee crisis.
02/21/17 10:02pm
“When we try to inhibit the progress of technology to save a few jobs, we don’t come out ahead as a society,” former Secretary of Transportation James Burnley said. 
02/21/17 9:58pm
Thousands of Harvard University student and faculty email messages were accessible to the public for years, compromising student grades and financial data, the Harvard Crimson reported yesterday. Both students and administrators have used email lists hosted by the Harvard Computer Society to create email lists that are available to the public unless explicitly made private.
02/05/17 9:48pm
“Last semester, we decided to look back at all of the companies we’ve funded in the last five years and gather insights into what we could do better,” College senior and Innovation Fund Co-Chair Jason Shein said.
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