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11/18/21 11:24pm
The money, intended for “emergency purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic,” was misused, according to Rhynhart. 
03/18/21 2:31am
The panelists blasted the Trump administration for mishandling the early stages of the pandemic and emphasized the importance of access to reliable health information.
12/07/20 12:56am
“Fox News and the Associated Press made a terrible call when they called Arizona,” John Lapinski said. “Had they gotten that call wrong, America would have spiraled.” 
11/09/20 1:25am
The panelists also discussed the potential for significant changes in public health legislation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic under a Biden administration. 
10/30/20 4:35pm
Thompson discussed his tenure at the Times and his quest to deliver unbiased journalism in the age of “fake news” and increased political polarization. 
10/14/20 11:16pm
Wharton professor Witold Henisz won for his course titled "Corporate Diplomacy: Aligning Stakeholder Analytics and Strategy," which is listed as both MGMT 720 and MGMT 209.
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