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04/07/16 1:06am
Some say that the best way to initiate change is to play an active role at the community level — an idea that UCLA is taking to heart.
03/21/16 6:08am
Oncora is a startup that compiles data from millions of patient records in order for doctors to gain predictive insight into what type of cancer treatment will work best for a patient, making the overall process more personalized.
03/21/16 4:11am
A panel discussion at Penn Law on Wednesday entitled "Ferguson: One Year Later" examined the after effects of the shooting and its meaning today.
02/22/16 4:30am
They say that college is a formative four years. It is the in-between nestled after childhood but before adulthood.
02/18/16 1:56am

College freshmen are increasingly liberal and less religious, survey shows

Many say that college is a formative four years in a student’s life, a place that will shape their ideas, thoughts, and views of the world. But today it seems that college freshmen are already jumping into their next four years with a pretty clear idea of where they stand politically and socially.
10/25/15 6:00pm
Coursicle is a registration tool that started at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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