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09/08/22 1:49am
The DP spoke with 30 people who know Magill — and the president herself — to understand how she emerged as the “clear consensus” candidate to be Penn's ninth president.
08/23/22 7:16pm
College sophomore Kimi Li was flown to the Bahamas in July to compete in several challenges against ninety-nine other MrBeast subscribers. 
08/04/22 12:25am
The fall semester will continue Penn’s summer COVID-19 protocols that lifted mandatory testing and the universal mask mandate in classrooms.
06/23/22 12:16am
After 29 days of biking, averaging around 86 miles a day, Torres biked through eight states and two countries. 
05/24/22 10:35pm
ToxiSense seeks to develop a cheaper and more sustainable test for clean drinking water and biopharmacological products.
05/08/22 11:51pm
Dansiger will return to Penn on May 15 to graduate in the third cohort of students in Penn’s online Master of Health Care Innovation program.
04/21/22 10:31pm
In an email sent to students and alumni of Penn Hillel, Sorgeloos announced that she is leaving Penn to start a new job as a consultant for a nonprofit organization in Washington.
04/10/22 11:49pm
Quaker Days will have sessions for admitted students on five days between April 11 and 19. Campus visits include information sessions and a campus tour led by the Kite and Key Society.
03/31/22 11:09pm
In front of a sold-out crowd, Hunter Schafer sat down with Malik Muhammad, associate director at the LGBT Center, to discuss her life and answer the audience's questions.
03/29/22 12:26am
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Rob Nelson, Executive Director for Academic Technology & Planning, on March 24, who shared five tips for navigating Path@Penn.
03/02/22 11:41pm
Penn students who have family in Ukraine told The Daily Pennsylvanian that their families are conflicted about whether to stay at home or seek asylum in neighboring countries.
02/15/22 11:19pm
While Boparai did not advance to the semi-finals, she came in second place at the end of the night, winning a prize of $10,000. 
02/07/22 1:11am
Path@Penn, which was created by Next Generation Student System, will be a renovated version of Penn InTouch and offers many changes that students have been asking for.
02/02/22 10:56pm
Boparai will participate in "Jeopardy!"'s yearly college championship alongside 35 students from 35 other colleges with the chance to win a $250,000 grand prize.
12/09/21 11:41pm
The results showed that young people will take greater measures to stop smoking due to the short-term consequences, such as being judged by friends, developing headaches, and inhaling chemicals, than long-term outcomes.
11/10/21 9:05pm
The proposed bill would allow streeteries to permanently set up in Center City, University City, business districts in Fishtown, and other areas.
11/10/21 12:29am
Members of Penn’s Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies helped the NBC News Decision Desk call races on Election Day.
10/20/21 11:15pm
The donation will contribute to a new testing location scheduled to open in the fall of 2022 for students who need accommodations.
10/12/21 12:04am
Penn has the fewest days off of all the Ivy League schools with a fall break of only four days including the weekend.
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