Articles by Jack Lakis

05/29/24 3:53pm
Columnist Jack Lakis claims that Penn’s SAIL initiative is missing the mark for students.
04/29/24 3:28pm
Columnist Jack Lakis argues that Penn Student Government has an insufficient presence on campus.
03/26/24 1:25pm
Columnist Jack Lakis asserts that Penn’s critical writing requirement is not sufficient and must be taken more seriously. 
02/24/24 6:00am
Columnist Jack Lakis argues that a neglect for public sector career funneling is limiting Penn’s potential.
02/07/24 11:17pm
Columnist Jack Lakis investigates why it’s so popular to complain about the Penn experience.
12/10/23 9:56pm
Columnist Jack Lakis explains how students can restore their peace of mind in light of the recent leadership crisis at Penn.
11/28/23 6:40pm
Columnist Jack Lakis urges members of the Penn community to attend the upcoming, annual University Council Open Forum. 
11/15/23 8:16pm
Columnist Jack Lakis responds to a recent column defending Amy Wax and calls for Penn to end her tenure. 
10/24/23 11:13pm
Columnist Jack Lakis argues that all undergraduates should do their part to encourage transparency in admissions. 
10/16/23 9:39pm
Columnist Jack Lakis explores the implications of how a small number of high schools dominate American educational opportunities. 
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