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01/29/23 7:48pm
The only HIV vaccine clinical trial in advanced stages has ended early after results showed the vaccine to be ineffective. 
01/23/23 8:56pm
The merger, which will take effect in January 2024, will allow St. Joe’s to add over 20 nursing and allied health programs to its curriculum.
01/18/23 8:56pm
DiversaTech consultants focus on utilizing technology in a wide variety of fields.  
04/21/22 7:58pm
The program provides one-on-one mentoring opportunities where Penn student "bigs" meet with their "littles" at their Philadelphia school for lunch once a week. 
04/11/22 9:35am
Officials from the Philadelphia Department of Health have said that the city's COVID-19 response level could move from Level 1 to 2 if cases continue to rise.
03/28/22 11:22pm
In this year's competition, there are over 200 participants ranging from high school to graduate students from 14 countries and more than 90 schools.
03/22/22 1:19am
For the competition, teams were tasked to come up with a project analyzing NFL teams using three years of data.
02/21/22 1:33am
The goal of establishing the PPFA is to address racial and economic disparities and aid small businesses.
02/13/22 11:23pm
After COVID-19-related delays, SNUGS was able to host its first in-person swim lessons during the fall 2021 semester.  
01/26/22 8:44pm
The SAT will still be scored on the 1600 scale and administered in a physical test center with a proctor. 
01/24/22 11:23pm
Torres ran for the first 50 miles and then, due to a foot injury, power walked for the second half. 
11/18/21 9:57pm
The team from the Perelman School of Medicine found two potential pathways to target the two variants of the gene that make some Black Americans more susceptible to COVID-19 and sepsis complications.
10/31/21 7:49pm
Bioengineering professor Danielle Bassett and the other members of the team were awarded the Collaborative Research Network grant on Oct. 26 from the Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s initiative.
10/20/21 11:34pm
Many students who chose to defer enrollment at Penn said they made the decision to avoid taking classes online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
10/07/21 8:48pm
The mandate now requires hospital and long term care facility workers and higher education faculty, students and staff to receive only their first vaccine dose by Oct. 15.
09/19/21 11:21pm
The 12 students who participated in the virtual internship worked with 14 solar energy sites in six states from May to late August. 
12/04/20 12:00am
Instead of traveling to Argentina and Chile, students who enroll in PSCI 313: People of the Land: Indigeneity and Politics in Argentina and Chile will conduct a series of Zoom interviews with experts in the field.
11/13/20 12:53am
Beginning 12:01 a.m. this past Monday, students are required to remain in their dorms as much as possible, and may leave only for class, exercise, work, and to shop for essential items.
11/02/20 11:30pm
Dormsy, launched on Oct. 20, currently has more than 200 users and 15 active off-campus housing listings. 
10/25/20 10:23pm
Emanuel, who is also healthcare advisor to former Vice Presidnt Joe Biden, said he believes that conditions are likely to improve only by November 2021. It could, however, be feasible to reopen colleges and universities before then depending on how a potential vaccine is rolled out.
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