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02/01/23 8:23pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman discusses how recent Sidechat usage has centered on sorority and fraternity recruitment in a negative light, providing cruel comments instead of comedy or thoughtful discussion. 
11/20/22 10:07am
Columnist Isabella Glassman discusses the flaws associated with The Physical World College Sector requirement and potential alterations that could be made to benefit students.
10/13/22 8:51am
Columnist Isabella Glassman contemplates how Penn’s decision to lease The Radian constructively displaces the current tenants while failing to build community.
05/03/22 5:09pm
Columnists Isabella Glassman and Vinay Khosla discuss the issues associated with Downtowns as part of the social fabric of Penn
04/04/22 10:07am
Columnist Isabella Glassman urges Penn to financially assist fraternities and sororities as they transition to upperclassmen-only Greek life housing. 
03/15/22 7:33pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman urges Penn students to more deeply consider whether an economics course is necessary for their academic career.
02/16/22 8:27am
Columnists Isabella Glassman and Vinay Khosla discuss the importance of cross-class interactions from an upperclassmen and underclassmen’s perspective.
11/17/21 10:53am
Columnist Isabella Glassman examines the role of self-regulation in Penn's Greek life.
10/02/21 5:03pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman argues that Penn professors must make more accommodations to ensure Penn students who miss class for health reasons aren't being punished
09/19/21 5:47pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman discusses Penn's confusing web of COVID-19 policies and restrictions.
08/26/21 12:11am
Columnist Isabella Glassman discusses how to approach NSO with an open mind, even if you already have a group of friends.
04/26/21 9:07pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman argues that all of us need to be having conversations about women's issues, even when the news isn't covering them.
03/28/21 8:46pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman urges Penn students to prioritize their passions and interests instead of getting sucked in to a LinkedIn-fueled pit of finance and consulting gigs.
03/04/21 10:07am
Columnist Isabella Glassman argues that professors should keep exams open book when in-person classes return to decrease exam-related stress.
02/21/21 4:58pm
Isabella Glassman argues that Penn should expand the reach of PennOpen Pass to protect West Philadelphia businesses and residents.
02/05/21 11:42am
Penn's campus guidelines for COVID-19 mitigation, while well-intentioned, are not the most practical and likely won't have the impact they're intended to have.
01/21/21 10:01am
Penn's greek life community has the responsibility to set the tone for COVID-19 mitigation on campus.
12/10/20 1:03am
Penn's Year of Civic Engagement has largely failed to make a major impact in encouraging civic engagement across the University, even as the community demands activism.
10/26/20 10:39pm
Women have made great strides in the last century, but what is done on paper does not always correlate to an equal change in American attitudes.
09/07/20 8:54pm
Thinking towards the future, one should wonder why would professors ever want to return to the previous organization of syllabus week when instead they could begin class almost right away, perhaps only devoting a 20-minute block of class time for syllabus-related or logistical questions.
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