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02/08/21 12:03am
The healthcare professionals expressed a general sense of optimism towards the Biden-Harris administration's pandemic response. 
02/02/21 1:08am
This spring was the second in a row that sororities reported a drop in recruitment numbers. Fewer than 450 students rushed a sorority this semester, down from 550 last year.
01/22/21 12:44am
With Penn welcoming students back to campus this semester, about half of on-campus Greek life chapter houses will open at reduced capacity, 
01/10/21 1:03am
Some alumni believe Wednesday's Capitol riots should be the final straw in pushing Penn to revoke Trump's degree, with some citing the University's unique silence on his actions as reason to cut their donations. 
12/07/20 12:52am
The reclassification, which will go into effect spring 2021, will allow international students majoring in economics to apply for a two-year work extension in the U.S. under the Optional Practical Training Extension for STEM Students.
12/01/20 11:24pm
Despite his newfound responsibilities to the Biden presidential transition effort, Emanuel said he will be fully engaged in his Penn teaching duties. His course PHIL 118: Ben Franklin & His World will examine controversial aspects of Franklin’s life such as his participation in the slave trade.
11/18/20 11:59pm
Wary of last-minute changes as seen with Penn's decision in August to close on-campus housing for the fall, students criticized the original Nov. 20 deadline to confirm on-campus housing without incurring the $500 cancellation fee.
11/10/20 12:23am
Here's how these colleges are handling the pandemic from COVID-19 testing, case numbers, and campus life — offering a window into what the upcoming spring semester could look like for Penn students.
11/01/20 11:01pm
To make up for the loss of in-person services like “Take Your Professor to Lunch,” professors have shifted to platforms like Slate, Slack, and Gather Town, citing difficulties engaging with students through Canvas.
10/22/20 12:19am
Gather, also known as, simulates buildings and classrooms on campus where students, professors, and teaching assistants can interact with one another through personal avatars during office hours. 
10/13/20 11:30pm
While some organizations have resumed some in-person services, student representatives from various religious groups say they are still struggling to maintain a sense of togetherness as operations remain largely online.
10/06/20 12:24am
Last Wednesday, BIOL 101: Introduction to Biology A and CRIM 100: Criminology were 'Zoom bombed' — a term used to refer to hackers invading video meetings on Zoom.
09/30/20 12:14am
Math professor Robert Ghrist said the Math department has replaced infrequent, high-stake midterms with weekly quizzes, tripling the workload for professors to generate assessments every week.
09/21/20 11:53pm
Chapters such as Phi Gamma Delta, commonly known as FIJI, and Sigma Kappa are only charging partial dues, while Sigma Delta Tau is waiving chapter dues entirely this fall.
09/15/20 11:21pm
The partnership aims to develop new technical solutions for health care challenges including critical care, diabetes, mental health, and cardiology
09/04/20 12:28am
While some fraternity members are living off-campus together, IFC fraternities plan to hold fall recruitment online with hopes for in-person rush this spring.
08/18/20 3:12pm
In early August, four Ivy League institutions backtracked on their initial plans for a hybrid fall semester and on-campus living.
08/11/20 8:55pm
Though telemedicine has been touted as a tool to equalize access to healthcare, the study found disparities at the local level.
07/29/20 12:37am
Some students are not satisfied with the University's preventative methods to reduce the spread of COVID-19, such as contact tracing, testing, and restrictions on social gatherings over 25 people.
07/16/20 11:11pm
The event is available to all students — undergraduate and postgraduate — who wish to pursue a career in medicine and endeavor to become a competitive candidate for medical school and other medical programs.
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