Articles by Hyun Jin Cha

12/13/16 5:56am
As classes end and reading days roll around, Penn students start gearing up for the last hurdle before winter break: finals.
11/29/16 6:28am
What 3 International Students did over Thanksgiving For many Penn students, Thanksgiving break means going back home to reunite with family, catch up on sleep, and feast on turkey.
11/15/16 5:23am
On Oct. 22, the Penn Ping Pong team competed in the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association's Fall Divisional competition and won every single game they played.
10/20/16 4:14am
“I speak as a practitioner who has stumbled, fallen and experimented with a lot of things”. Welcomed by a sea of applause, Nadinne Cruz stepped up onto the podium and greeted her audience, adding "it's a beautiful night" in Tagalog.
09/23/16 1:44pm
Penn students head over to Penn Park to enjoy its athletic and recreational facilities, but in reality, they miss the true gem that’s housed in the park.
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