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12/08/11 8:33pm

Student ambassadors market popular brands on campus

College campuses like Penn, a marketing mecca for brands that target the 18-to 24-year-old population, have become home to ambassadors for top brands, such as Red Bull, Microsoft and Verizon Wireless.
12/04/11 9:50pm

2011 Wharton graduates see salary increase

While 2011 Wharton graduates have seen salary increases from the previous year, Nursing graduates face slimmer paychecks than before, according to the final Career Services’ Career Plans survey. INTERACTIVE: Nursing and Wharton post-graduate salaries
11/21/11 11:15pm

Penn alum launches start-up to promote better study habits

Silverman co-founded StudyEgg to provide examinations that go in tandem with student curricula. VIDEO: How do you use your phone to study?
11/20/11 10:50pm

Penn alum launches careers site

2006 Wharton and College graduate Fredrik Maroe has launched Evisors to foster conversation via phone and email between advice givers and advice seekers over a range of topics, including job opportunities.
11/02/11 8:30pm
Thanks to the “Hopes and Fears Revisited” mixed-media installation, members of the Penn community have been writing their hopes and fears on post-it notes, signing them with a fingerprint. INTERACTIVE: Notes from the ‘Hopes and Fears’ exhibitGALLERY: Photos of ‘Hopes and Fears’ exhibit
10/19/11 11:25pm

Philadelphia Film Society finds place at Penn

Filmadelphia celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and according to Madison Cairo, Annenberg Center director of operations and special artistic initiatives, 63 screenings ­— just over half of the festival — will be held in facilities owned by the University.
10/18/11 7:12pm

New student group offers opportunities for technology, entrepreneurship

Students for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Penn aspires to create a community of Penn students who share a common interest in the emerging technology and “start-up world.”
10/03/11 9:34pm

New app allows disaster victims to alert loved ones

SMS PersonFinder will let victims of natural disasters alert their loved ones by simply sending in a text message with their name, location and condition to a publicly searchable database.
09/19/11 11:45pm

Students take off to enter workforce

Many students have decided to take a leave of absence to pursue job opportunities or start their own businesses, Director of Career Services Patricia Rose said.
09/15/11 11:09pm
Students flocked to the fairs in hopes of making contacts, securing interviews and gaining job and summer internship opportunities.
09/12/11 10:06pm
According to Career Services Director Patricia Rose, many students have transformed their summer internships into part-time jobs that they are performing remotely through the year and even indefinitely.
09/09/11 3:08pm

Alum rallies those with health problems from 9/11

One week after his graduation from Penn, Amit Friedlander was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma — a diagnosis Friedlander thinks could be linked to the carcinogens he was exposed to five years earlier on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.
09/06/11 10:39pm

Job numbers increase for Class of 2011

Ten percent of the class of 2011 reported that they were still seeking employment, compared to 14 percent at the same time last year.
05/12/11 7:39pm
Hemo's, known for its sandwiches and hot sauce, will move from its truck to restaurant space and expand its menu options this summer.
04/26/11 4:46am

Along with a $250K grant, Penn gains MS post-doc

Department of Neurology will soon gain Salim Chahin, MD, as their newest postdoctoral fellow in the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Program.
04/26/11 4:24am
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Clyde F. Barker Transplant House — at 3940 Spruce St. — will officially open in mid-June.
04/19/11 2:46am

Self-evaluation for new local restaurants

Owners of new local restaurants reflect on their past successes and struggles, while considering their futures at Penn.
04/13/11 4:09am
Multiple groups have brought farms to areas of Philadelphia to provide widespread access to fresh food, including a recently established farm by Marathon Restaurants.
04/12/11 3:51am
After a week of free giveaways and private soft openings, Sweetgreen officially opens its doors to the public Tuesday at 3925 Walnut St.
04/06/11 2:09am

Students and alum cash in with Groupon-style sites

Groupon-style websites such as the Penn-centric, and have lately been exploding at Penn and on an international scale.
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