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01/20/20 11:18pm
Deputy Communications Director for the Office of the Mayor Lauren Cox wrote that no legal action has been taken but that suspending Penn's nonprofit water discount is on the table if Penn continues to violate the prevailing wage law.
11/18/19 9:24pm
The new building is managed by University Realty, which operates five other properties for Penn students on Chestnut and Walnut streets.
11/08/19 2:59pm
The meeting ended about 20 minutes early after student protesters drowned out the board members for more than half an hour. 
11/05/19 12:36am
Along with City Council races, Philadelphia residents will elect a mayor, sheriff, city commissioner, and will vote in several judicial races and on three ballot questions about Philadelphia and Pennsylvania policies.
10/27/19 10:37pm
ASAM has struggled with maintaining leadership since the founding director of the program left Penn in 2017. Park was named the ASAM program's interim director in 2018 and was set to serve for a year.
10/13/19 10:37pm
Philadelphia laws uphold renters’ rights on myriad issues ranging from discrimination, rental suitability, evictions without “good cause,” and other unfair rental practices. 
10/06/19 11:15pm
Frank Leone, a pulmonologist at Penn Medicine, said vaping does not break addictive habits and is not a healthy alternative to cigarettes.
10/06/19 11:15pm
Frank Leone, a pulmonologist at Penn Medicine, said vaping does not break addictive habits and is not a healthy alternative to cigarettes.
09/29/19 10:36pm
The first sit-in took place on Sept. 27 outside the office of President Amy Gutmann, with about 40 students and faculty members in attendance.
09/16/19 10:17pm
Since July, the city has informed Penn a second time that they are required to pay the prevailing wage of $15, but wages for security guards have not increased, said Gabe Morgan, vice president of the Service Employees International Union 32BJ.
09/05/19 10:48pm
The goal of RP@Penn is in part to decide cases that are in violation of the code of student conduct and use restorative practices to help resolve disputes in student groups.
08/28/19 10:38pm
Seven student groups and four community organizations distributed the guide to students throughout NSO including at Freshman Convocation.
08/26/19 6:01pm
The University is suing Bernie’s University City Restaurant and Bar for $1.6 million allegedly owed in rental fees for the restaurant, which is on University-owned land.
04/23/19 10:07pm
The Panera will have seating for 125 people, including community tables, soft seating, and a fireplace — in addition to an outdoor patio that seats 40 people.
04/18/19 1:42am
To convert up to 30 meal swipes to Dining Dollars, students are required to sign up for a meal plan for the next year. 
04/07/19 11:45pm
A group of Penn students created a Facebook event titled 'Stand Against Miguel at Fling' to protest the a prior sexual assault allegation, which SPEC says it was not aware of when the group selected the Fling headliner.
03/24/19 11:28pm
Since the 28-unit building changed hands for $4.2 million in December 2018, residents have been informed that their leases will not be renewed, effectively kicking out some longtime residents. 
03/15/19 6:57pm
The vigil included Islamic prayers, a song for peace, and Quran passage readings from Muslim Student Association members. "Our main priority is to protect our Muslim students and to be here for them,” MSA president and Nursing junior Tafshena Khan said.
02/18/19 5:31am
Drexel University shifted its policy to privatized housing to fulfill the increased demand, following universities nationwide that have increasingly gravitated toward the private sector to meet their housing needs.
02/08/19 1:09am
While the door was technically able to close, residents needed to slam the door shut loudly, which caused a disturbance for other residents.
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