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04/23/17 6:21pm
Though they go by different names, spring concerts are an annual tradition at each Ivy League school. Here's a look at which performers the other Ivies are bringing to campus for their springtime festivities.
04/17/17 6:19pm
Cassandra Hsiao, a first-generation Malaysian immigrant, wrote about her struggles with the English language.
04/12/17 4:12pm
“We talked about a lot of social issues that lead to health issues,” College senior Selamawit Bekele said. “We realized that having grown up in two different countries, we knew of these types of traditional education systems that prompted these children to leave their homes."
03/16/17 6:46pm
Neighborhood Bike Works is a West Philadelphia nonprofit that aims to empower youth through cycling initiatives and programming, and all the profits accrued from their bike shop go directly back into the youth programming.
02/15/17 10:52pm
Navigating the immigration process can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the American legal system. To help immigrants in this situation, 2013 Penn Law graduate Jeremy Peskin and immigration attorney James Pittman created Borderwise.
02/09/17 8:25pm
In 2016, Harvard University spent over half a million dollars to lobby the federal government.
02/02/17 10:26pm
Though the stage in the dimly lit theater in the Annenberg Center was set up with a lone microphone, a stool and a chair — the classic setting for a stand-up comedy act — comedian, writer and political commentator Jenny Yang commented as she entered that “even though we’re in this beautiful theater, this is not stand-up — we’re going to make this a chat.”
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