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04/04/17 9:34pm
“Go out and appreciate nature, learn about local ecology and the environment, and just give yourself a little break,” Penn’s Environmental Sustainability Director Dan Garofalo said to the Penn Current.
03/30/17 12:12am
Three Penn alumni are currently members of the Philadelphia City Council. Here’s a brief introduction to each one of them.
03/29/17 9:21pm
“Everyone is on Facebook and Twitter now, and [these sites] can’t filter out all of the information people see,” Wharton Professor Pinar Yildirim said. “Fake news now just naturally falls into people’s feeds.”
03/28/17 5:00am
Although there were scares that the Fresh Grocer would be replaced soon by Acme, this recent award could change that plan. Customers at the grocery store commented grandly about how much they loved its chicken.
03/26/17 10:58pm
Wharton freshmen Victoria Sacchetti and Katrina Arman completed an obstacle course to win the prize.
03/22/17 9:01pm
Although President Donald Trump is the highest-ranking Penn graduate in the federal government, other notable graduates of the University serve in Washington as well. Here are the four current members of the U.S. House of Representatives that hold Penn degrees.
03/21/17 2:09pm
Grant, who is the youngest-tenured professor at the Wharton School, has been recognized as Wharton's highest-rated professor for the past five years.
03/19/17 7:26pm
College freshman Adam Algalith, one of the board members for the Ware College House Council, said that the council is “definitely planning to throw a watch party for the final game with Chipotle or pizza for food.” 
03/13/17 9:44pm
“The Collctve is a group of ‘creatives.' We are a home for good music and want to bring good music to the community,” Wharton sophomore Aayush Sanghrajka said.
02/28/17 12:22am
A Penn spokesperson said the Office of University Communications wasn't "able to have conversations around [Biden's] specific role until he left office four weeks ago, so details are still being ironed out."
02/24/17 3:58pm
“I think there is a better personal relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu [than under the previous administration],” College junior Hannah Jaffe said. Jaffe is the Israel sector chair for Penn Hillel, the center for Jewish life at Penn.
02/21/17 3:45pm
Furda touted the course recently as a way Penn is attempting to play a larger role in students' lives before they get to college. 
02/16/17 8:38am
The students had submitted a work order for a leaky ceiling days earlier, but “water pooled up and the ceiling collapsed,” said College freshman Alex Crane.
02/08/17 10:02pm
College and Wharton freshman Michael Moroz, the organization’s representative to the University Council, presented a different opinion towards the executive order at the UCouncil meeting on Feb. 1.
02/07/17 7:59pm
Tuesday morning, Penn President Amy Gutmann announced that former Vice President Joe Biden will be a professor at Penn. Here are students' reactions on social media. 
02/06/17 9:35pm
Natives at Penn, a student organization that represents Native American students on Penn’s campus, takes a firm position against the construction of the DAPL.
02/01/17 9:54pm
“The impacts of fading Obamacare are especially dangerous for both women and young people,” College freshman Lucy Ma said.
01/31/17 3:02pm
The letter condemns these bans, stating that Trump's policies seek to "displace our classmates and separate us from our teachers and friends."
01/30/17 10:36pm
Nine professors at Penn joined hundreds of educators across the country to sign an open letter saying that Carson is “completely unqualified to promote appropriate solutions to the pressing housing and urban development needs facing our country.”
01/26/17 3:12pm
Many protestors held signs denouncing the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Bob Deleon, who carried a poster that read 'Obamacare saved my father', said that the affordability of health insurance under Obamacare helped his father get the care he needed when he had a heart attack in 2015. 
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