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05/04/22 8:48pm
Hadriana Lowenkron, former DP editor-in-chief, reflects on the progress that the DP made during her leadership, and her hopes for the future.  
12/11/20 12:26am
Although the University decided last minute no longer to bring undergraduate students back to campus in the fall, Penn Law opened its doors to approximately 550 students of its estimated 751-person class for in-person learning through Nov. 25, when classes ended for the semester.
12/02/20 11:16pm
The Penn community will now be screened for COVID-19 using saliva tests instead of nasal swabs that had been in use for the majority of the fall semester. The saliva testing method will enable the University to increase its testing capacity, especially as more students are expected to return to campus in the spring. 
11/23/20 12:43am
Penn's test results website states that results could take up to 72 hours or longer. For some students, this unexpected change in timeline, coupled with other COVID-19-related concerns, has altered their Thanksgiving break plans.
11/18/20 10:17pm
The city's rush to close parts of daily life in response to the rise in cases has not motivated the University to reconsider its plan to open on-campus housing in the spring. 
11/12/20 1:12am
Penn Leads the Vote conducted a survey on the effect of the 2020 election on students' mental health, and found that 80% of respondents reported that they were somewhat, moderately, or very anxious and stressed leading up to Election Day.
11/03/20 1:06am
Although Pennsylvanians have been casting their ballots for over a month through early and mail-in voting, voters can head to the polls in person today.
10/29/20 1:12am
In an email signed by Penn President Amy Gutmann and other Penn officials, Gutmann referred to Wallace Jr. as a neighbor of the Penn community, and his killing as a "death" with no mention of the word "police," escalating student outrage.
10/26/20 11:49pm
For Penn-affiliated politics aficionados, President Donald Trump and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbate America's sordid history of voter disenfranchisement.
10/23/20 12:41am
The supermarket, which will replace The Fresh Grocer after its closure in March, features a variety of take-out stations including sushi and poke bowl, Asian hot eats, focaccia pizza, and BBQ. The store will operate daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
10/18/20 10:34pm
The store will feature a beer and wine shop, indoor and outdoor seating, and a third Starbucks location within a seven-block radius, according to Acme Communications and Public Affairs Manager Dana Ward.
10/11/20 11:37pm
Penn Med experts were bewildered by the combination of treatments given to Trump, which are commonly used for severely ailing patients, against the backdrop of his and his doctors' portrayal of the illness as mild.
09/28/20 1:07am
FGLI students at Penn maintain that the pandemic has certainly hit FGLI students and students of color harder than other students, citing their struggles to secure housing during the pandemic and "disjointed" communication from administration.
09/16/20 11:36pm
While all seven other Ivy League institutions either have at least one day off in the middle of the semester, a week-long Thanksgiving break, or both, Penn's fall semester only features a four-day Thanksgiving break. 
09/10/20 12:13am
Some members of the Penn community say the grant is, in many cases, not enough and excludes graduate students with children.
09/07/20 12:39am
Emory University, the University of Pittsburgh, and California State University — the largest public university system in the United States — have all recently required students to take a class on ethnic studies and anti-racism.
06/22/20 12:32am
Despite contradictory interpretations of the tweets, however, Sarkar maintains that her comments are not Islamophobic, and said she was surprised by the backlash.
06/09/20 1:07am
'Dear Class of 2020' also featured speeches and performances by Michelle Obama, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Malala Yousafzai, Condoleezza Rice, Lady Gaga, and more. 
06/04/20 9:59pm
The store will feature a beer and wine shop, indoor and outdoor seating, and a Starbucks.
05/20/20 11:05pm
Voters with Pennsylvania identification can apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot online, while non-identification holding voters must email, call, or mail in a request to receive a ballot.
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