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03/10/19 11:34pm
Despite a slew of Democrats declaring their candidacies for president in recent weeks, Penn Dems plan to wait until March 2020 to endorse a favored candidate. 
02/19/19 11:08pm
Biden criticized President Donald Trump's policies, and touted his experience as vice president in an impassioned conversation with Gutmann — but notably didn't touch on his presidential aspirations.
02/19/19 8:17pm
The event on Penn's campus occurs as people across the nation have been speculating about Biden's potential run for office in 2020.
02/15/19 2:12am
Penn Dems members say the tabling effort was especially significant in light of several national issues that have targeted the LGBTQ+ community.
02/14/19 2:00am
Toomey has sponsored gun control amendments in the past, but the activists said it was difficult to determine whether their trip was successful in swaying the politician to support stricter gun control.
02/11/19 5:02am
There are currently only seven Penn alumni in Congress, and all of them serve in the House of Representatives.
02/09/19 7:37pm
“We can't afford to just tinker around the edges — a tax credit here, a regulation there,” the former Penn Law professor said, outlining her ideology in opposition to less progressive Democrats.
02/06/19 4:57am
At the Penn Dems watch party in Rodin College House, attendees stressed the importance of observing the event, despite their significant policy disagreements with Trump.
02/03/19 10:35pm
The national Women’s March came under fire after the march's co-chairs were accused of anti-Semitism. The march has also been criticized for failing to be inclusive of all women.
01/28/19 2:34am
The group hopes to place a strong focus on activism, planning protests, marches, speaker events, and roundtable discussions.
01/23/19 3:46am
Before Warren entered the political field, the Massachusetts senator taught contract and bankruptcy law at Penn Law from 1987 to 1995.
01/19/19 12:06am
The national Women's March has faced criticism in the past by those who say there is a lack of concern for women of color and transgender women. The March’s leadership has also been rocked by allegations of anti-Semitism. 
01/16/19 1:41am
Although Biden has yet to announce plans for a 2020 campaign, experts say the Penn Biden Center may be helping shape his path to becoming the next president.
12/05/18 1:50am
Members of Penn Dems greeted the news, saying Avenatti's recent domestic abuse allegations, lack of progressivism, and controversial reputation turned them off to the lawyer. 
12/03/18 2:08am
TAMID has been popular at Penn and on college campuses throughout the country. Founded in 2008, TAMID has over 2,500 students involved in chapters on 53 campuses in the United States and abroad. 
11/26/18 2:25am
In April, Biorealize partnered with MIT Design Lab and PUMA in a week-long showcase of wearables that incorporated living organisms.
11/08/18 2:30am
The newly passed amendment restores the voting rights of most convicted felons who have completed their sentences, with the exception of those convicted of murder or sex crimes.
10/29/18 1:43am
Three sophomore students all said that their previous internship experience in Israel inspired them to start the club.  
10/22/18 3:44am
In Philadelphia, there are five local, state, and national races on the ballot, in addition to a ballot question on the issue of public spending.  
10/17/18 7:33pm
Penn Law professor Stephen Burbank appeared in a video posted by Warren this week asserting that she has had at least one Native American ancestor from six to ten generations ago. 
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