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05/11/19 5:10pm
While students pursuing finance decreased over the years, the share of students working in the technology sector has doubled since 2011, jumping from 7% to 14%.
04/28/19 10:58pm
While University policy allows examinations to be postponed for religious observance and allows students to take make-up exams during the first week of the fall or spring semester, the exact details are left up to the faculty and students to decide, University Chaplain Charles Howard said.
04/23/19 10:11pm
"Sometimes when I say biological basis of behavior, I get looked at like I have three heads," BBB major and College junior Aaron Groff said. 
04/17/19 11:17pm
The Penn activist groups distributed flyers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. around locations near Irvine Auditorium, Houston Hall and on Locust Walk. Meanwhile, a teach-in occurred at noon at the Perelman Quadrangle steps. 
04/15/19 9:52pm
Resources will include mentorship programs, advising sessions led by students before advance registration, and bonding events after the declaration of majors.
04/11/19 10:50pm
Students can opt not to receive the vaccine if it threatens their health or if their religious or philosophical beliefs prohibit immunizations.
04/10/19 8:35pm
The number of CIS majors at Penn has risen from 400 in 2015 to about 1,000 in December 2018, and about 40% of Penn’s undergraduate population takes at least one course within the CIS Department. 
04/01/19 11:39pm
If legalized, electric scooters could represent a fun and safe mode of transportation that alleviates Philadelphia's congestion problem, Engineering professor and transportation expert Megan Ryerson said.
03/26/19 8:05pm
Next semester, the course selection add period for language and writing classes will end on Sept. 10, and the add period for all other classes will end on Sept. 16. Oct. 7 will be the last day to drop a class.
02/27/19 10:54pm
Administrators say the policy change is meant to decrease students' coursework and stress. But engineering students have criticized the new policy as unreasonable and overly restrictive.
02/20/19 9:24pm
The remaining un-enrolled accounts are likely because they are inactive due to various reasons, such as students who have not logged into Penn InTouch since Feb. 14.
02/18/19 11:18pm
Penn Medicine experts suggest that students should cut down on late-night caffeine consumption and electronic use, avoid excessive napping, and regularly exercise to be more alert and awake throughout the daytime.
02/17/19 9:26pm
In 1937, Wright built Taliesin West, which served as his winter home until his death in 1959.
02/12/19 10:39pm
Penn Medicine officials said the design plan will now allow for quicker room conversion, more greeting space for visitors, and patients will be able to change room conditions with new technology.
01/28/19 11:23pm
Once constructed, one of the paths will run north-south from Alaska to Patagonia and another will run east-west from Indonesia to Morocco.
01/23/19 10:08pm
After several sessions, all Penn Dental students will officially be trained in administering the  medication that saves people from opiate-related overdoses.
01/22/19 11:42pm
The initiative hopes to restore and conserve the city and its culture after the Islamic State destroyed important cultural sites of minority groups, such as Christians and Yazidis.
01/17/19 1:11am
The Penn Law students will release four more monthly episodes this semester.
12/05/18 7:01pm
The Club, located on the second floor of the Inn at Penn, is only open to Penn faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students.
11/16/18 2:55pm
A representative from Penn's Facilities and Real Estate Services said two entrapments in five months is not an issue. "I think that the Harnwell elevators are in great shape," he said.
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