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The construction forced neighboring Penn Museum to close an exhibit, install vibration sensors, and add rubber isolation tables for the mummies.
11/08/18 3:00am
Penn announced it would require all sophomore students to live in a college house, starting in three years. New College House West's opening in 2021 will help accommodate these students.
10/30/18 5:48am
The residents of 3929 and 3931 Pine Street no longer have to evacuate following the relocation of residents in basement units, thereby solving the building's zoning issue.
10/25/18 1:36am
At least 12 students need to come together to propose an idea for a residential program, and the deadline to submit a proposal is November 2. 
10/17/18 1:07am
The notice posted on the doors of the building said it was in “zoning” violation, making it illegal to occupy the building after 12:00 p.m. on Oct. 26. 
10/11/18 6:41am
At the town hall meeting Wednesday intended to address housing policy concerns, the 18 students in attendance raised few concerns on the matter. 
10/09/18 5:19am
Penn will work toward building community by reworking housing structures, reforming residential programs, and redesigning dining experiences. 
10/09/18 4:34am
NCHW will host 450 students and will be available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. All apartments will be suite-style, with sizes ranging from three- to six-person room suites.
10/02/18 6:15am
The last Quad renovation lasted from 1999 to 2002. It combined four college houses into three, added air–conditioning, and replaced every bathroom, including all the toilets and showers. 
09/25/18 11:36pm
Companies are targeting college campuses, including Penn, for marketing campaigns to test students' first-time choices as consumers.
09/12/18 10:50pm
The store, which opened on Penn's campus on Aug. 3, is set to close in mid-December. Similar pop-ups have been opened at Harvard University and Stanford University. 
09/10/18 2:13am
Penn students will spend 2.9 percent more on textbooks and supplies this year, administrators at Student Registration and Financial Services estimate. 
08/30/18 3:43am
Beefsteak will not reopen after the renovation of Houston Market.
08/28/18 12:14am
Houston Market’s construction was officially completed Aug. 19, but the building itself was not open to students until the first day of classes on Aug. 28. 
04/20/18 9:53pm
"We’re not viewing this as a partisan issue," Co-organizer and College freshman Simran Chand said. "It’s a human issue. People are dying on the streets. It’s not about who’s in office."
04/18/18 3:22am
According to an analysis of unpublished ICE data, 64 percent of immigrants arrested in PA, WV, and DE didn’t have criminal convictions. The national figure, on the other hand, is 38 percent.  
04/11/18 2:44am
Bhakti Yoga club hosted the event in Houston Hall of Flags on April 10. A Yale graduate, Swami has been a monk in the Krishna Bhakti tradition since 1982 and has researched consciousness for 45 years. 
04/06/18 7:37pm
Wharton junior Michelle Lyu, who first met Troy during her freshman year at Hillel's Falk Dining Commons, decided to start a fundraiser to help the Harris family. Currently, over 200 donations have raised over $8,000. 
03/27/18 3:29am
Brown's Undergraduate Council of Students unanimously elected to hold this referendum at their general body meeting on March 14. The election also voted for various student board leaders. 
03/21/18 12:00pm
Penn's chapters of Common Party, TableTalk Global, and Bridge USA hosted the event, which took place in Houston Hall on March 20.
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