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03/02/17 5:40pm
Throughout the interview, Amy Gutmann spoke about the treatment of undocumented students and maintained University efforts to increase economic diversity, but refrained from entering any politically divisive territory.
02/08/17 2:14pm
Several students in the Wharton MBA program organized the march after hearing the struggles of colleagues and faculty members, one who is unable to visit his wife in Canada out of fear he won't be let back into the country.
01/29/17 4:45pm
By 3:00 p.m., the airport terminal was filled with hundreds of protestors, including several Penn students, chanting, "No wall, no registry, f**k white supremacy,” and “No hate, no fear immigrants are welcome here.”
01/29/17 9:29am
The statement did not mention President Donald Trump by name, in keeping with Penn's pattern of declining to acknowledge their most famous alumnus even as he has assumed the nation's highest office. 
01/26/17 3:12pm
Many protestors held signs denouncing the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Bob Deleon, who carried a poster that read 'Obamacare saved my father', said that the affordability of health insurance under Obamacare helped his father get the care he needed when he had a heart attack in 2015. 
01/21/17 1:05pm
The Washington Post reported that the number of people using the metro to get into the city to march is already higher than it was for the inauguration yesterday. 
01/12/17 8:38pm
Biden recently confirmed that he would be "based out of Penn for foreign policy" after leaving office on a hot mic at the mock swearing-in ceremony for senators.
01/03/17 7:12pm
Vice President Joe Biden will be doing foreign policy work at Penn, and will be creating a separate organization called The Biden Trust to continue his "Cancer Moonshot" initiative, according to comments he made on Tuesday. 
01/02/17 8:19pm
A woman was reportedly robbed at the Bank of America at 3925 Walnut Street.
12/30/16 9:53pm
2011 College graduate Martina Westcott was charged with murder after fatally shooting Terrell Bruce on Tuesday. Westcott shot Bruce while while he was driving down Walnut Lane in Germantown as she sat in the passenger seat.
12/23/16 3:30pm
Each portrait represents a figure from the English department's "50-book list", a list of texts chosen by Ph.D. students to be tested on at the beginning of their second year. Both Shakespeare and Lorde are included on the poster.
12/17/16 11:06am
The University said it "would provide the best urban grocery store to support the Penn and local community going forward."
12/13/16 12:35am
Every day from 9 am to 6 pm on the hour, the sound of bells fills Penn’s campus. But unlike universities with prominent bell towers, Penn’s bells are nowhere to be seen.
12/01/16 3:33am
Connor Wright is only a freshman, but he has already made massive murals for the St. Louis Cardinals and Facebook headquarters and counts Mark Zuckerberg as a fan.
11/18/16 1:05pm
The group chat, which at one point called itself 'TRUMP IS LOVE' threatened the students with an event titled 'Daily lynching'. 
11/01/16 2:01am
International students often have concerns about getting work visas that allow them to stay in the country as well as family pressure.
10/26/16 1:46am
You might be skeptical if a girl you barely know approaches you on Locust or on Facebook and asks you to show up to a loft in center city to have meaningful discussion for three hours with 20 strangers
10/21/16 4:24am
By the time current pre-med undergraduates attend medical school, they will be studying completely new primary health curricula, thanks to Penn's new Center for Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care.
10/19/16 11:51pm
For the first time this semester, CAPS is offering a peer support group specifically for students affected by marginalization and discrimination, facilitated by CAPS psychologist, Batsirai Bvunzawabaya.
10/17/16 1:54pm
However, it will take several months to hire new staff to accommodate the change.
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