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08/02/21 12:26am
The Wharton School announced that nearly 52% of its incoming MBA students will be women, a 5% increase in the number of women enrolled since the program's most gender-equal Class of 2021.
07/14/21 8:43pm
The budget allots a total of $155 million to work against gun violence and $22.3 million towards police reform.
06/20/21 11:01pm
Republican lawmakers are threatening to cut $32 million in funding from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine for requiring employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
06/16/21 11:47pm
It is the 15th consecutive year that the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has been ranked among the nation's top children's hospitals. 
06/06/21 11:29pm
The changes, which took effect on June 2, come as positive cases of the novel coronavirus have plunged to the lowest level in the city since fall 2020.
06/02/21 11:27pm
The study found that the labor productivity of children who participated in online learning due to COVID-19 school closures decreased. 
04/29/21 11:07am
The U.S. Department of State announced on Monday that foreign nationals from China, Iran Brazil, South Africa, the Schengen area of Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland will be allowed to enter the United States.
04/16/21 12:38am
The researchers found that the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score, which is used in many hospitals to predict how likely a patient is to survive their hospital stay, is racially biased.
04/04/21 9:30pm
Thirty-five percent of the samples resemble variants of the virus in genome sequences in positive COVID-19 samples from the Philadelphia area. 
03/19/21 12:07am
The study found an increase in illegal and unenforceable terms in residential leases between 2005 and 2019, and that geography and race affect the terms given to tenants.
03/04/21 12:29am
The administration will invoke the Defense Production Act to increase production of vaccine materials and acquire needed medical supplies.
02/22/21 12:21am
The city anticipates it may finish vaccinating residents by the end of July.
02/10/21 10:55pm
The Summer Funding Program will offer financial aid to students with an annual family income of $65,000 to $140,000 to pursue summer internships.
02/10/21 9:56pm
The vaccination effort will begin in late February and take place in pop-up clinics located in school buildings throughout Philadelphia.
01/20/21 10:50pm
Pennsylvania expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include residents aged 65 and older and individuals with high-risk health conditions.
11/05/20 1:22am
Under the new rule, possessing and using recreational marijuana will be legal for New Jersey residents 21 and over. 
10/07/20 11:36pm
Brian Litt, a professor of neurology, neurosurgery, and bioengineering, and Gregory Corder, an assistant professor of neuroscience and psychiatry, are two of this year's 85 recipients.
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