Articles by Fiona Miller

03/30/23 1:49am
Columnist Fiona Miller reminds students, new and old, of the importance of gratitude in aligning Penn expectations with reality. 
03/14/23 11:24pm
Columnists Cathy Li and Fiona Miller discuss how complexities like race and gender play into the conversation about public transit. 
02/13/23 8:17pm
Columnist Fiona Miller discusses the work-life imbalance and the pressures of navigating optional work events. 
12/01/22 11:23am
Columnist Fiona Miller argues that empathy is what distinguishes a good professor from a great one.
11/03/22 12:52pm
Columnist Fiona Miller encourages first years to embrace failure at Penn.  
10/12/22 6:24am
Columnist Fiona Miller discusses what the recent Undergraduate Assembly vote reveals about Penn Student Government.
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