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03/28/18 10:57pm
Penn and Columbia are the only two Ivies that do not have PILOT agreements, through which nonprofits make payments to local governments in lieu of any property tax. 
03/15/18 6:08pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model became the latest target of Trump's ire when its economists found themselves in a back-and-forth with the White House over Trump's infrastructure plan. 
03/10/18 11:39am
In return for Penn Medicine's investment, Tmunity will conduct a minimum of $30 million of sponsored research at Penn.
01/23/18 9:45pm
With just a brief three-minute questionnaire, the calculator’s speedy and accurate approach to delivering cost estimates has caught onto many colleges and universities nationwide. 
01/16/18 8:09pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model's study has been cited numerous times in media organizations and has even been the subject of many news stories published in news publications.
11/28/17 12:55am
Not only does the process to become an RA or GA start months before students take on the role, the application can consist of several rounds of interviews.
11/11/17 1:09am
Penn Records hopes to function like a university-level record label, working with student musicians to help them find opportunities to perform and access the equipment they need. 
10/20/17 11:28am
Brill said it might be the right moment for tax reform, but added that he isn’t holding his breath “It’s been 31 years since lawmakers did something called tax reform," he said. 
10/09/17 9:09pm
Hint: former President Barack Obama makes a romantic appearance to commemorate the couple's 25th wedding anniversary.
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