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06/16/11 2:45am

Colleges involved in ‘land grabs’

Three American universities are allegedly involved in purchasing large tracts of land in Africa, according to a series of reports released this month.
04/27/11 11:17pm

Farewell Column by Evan Medina | It gets better

In his farewell column, former columnist Evan Medina refuses to believe that his life has officially peaked at the ripe old age of 22.
04/19/11 4:57am

Peace Not Politics | The hidden danger of bracketology

Newt Gingrich’s criticism of President Barack Obama's bracket choices speaks to a more pressing issue — people simply expect too much from the president.
03/15/11 4:53am

Peace Not Politics | Don’t throw students overboard

The GOP budget cuts over $61 billion from federal programs that directly impact college students, including Teach for America and Pell grants.
02/22/11 5:38am

Peace Not Politics | For Republicans’ sake — run, Huntsman, run

Regardless of his chances, Jon Huntsman Jr. running for president serves an important purpose — giving Republicans a choice.
02/08/11 5:54am

Peace Not Politics | Appreciate the power of local politics

Penn students should be more aware of what Philadelphia's local government is doing. They should also maybe even vote once or twice.
01/25/11 6:19am

Peace Not Politics | Reviving bipartisanship — it could happen

Congressional Republicans face a defining choice — work with the president on major policy issues or obstruct his agenda for the next two years.
12/12/10 11:51pm

New START treaty delayed in Senate

College Republicans and Penn Dems hold different views regarding the nuclear arms agreement signed by President Obama and Russian President Medvedev in April.
12/09/10 3:46am

Lower Merion LGBT bill gets green light

Legislators in Lower Merion voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve an ordinance to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals from discrimination.
12/08/10 6:16am

Suburb to vote on LGBT bill

While the debate over lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights continues at the national level, one Penn student is pushing for LBGT equality locally.
12/07/10 5:02am

Penn Caucus brings funds to the University

The Penn Caucus — a group designed to educate members of the Pennsylvania state legislature about the value of Penn — advocates for University funding on the floor of the general assembly.
12/06/10 2:41am

Students skeptical of congressional term limits

In an election year featuring heavy anti-incumbent sentiment, dozens of incoming lawmakers have pledged to limit their congressional terms — which some Penn politicos oppose.
12/03/10 2:36am
College sophomores Isabel Friedman and Jake Shuster will take charge of the Penn Democrats as president and vice president, respectively. Having been elected Wednesday, they discussed their plans for the group with The DP.
12/01/10 7:49am

Save money in off-campus housing

After two years of unlucky breaks with on-campus living you’ve finally decided to move off campus. Now it’s time to face your biggest challenge — convincing your parents it’s both affordable and safe.
11/24/10 4:53am

E-bullying in national spotlight

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives would require universities that receive federal funding to prohibit harassment based on a student’s sexual orientation.
11/19/10 5:18am

Obama taps alum as U.N. rep

Penn alumnus Joe Torsella, an active figure in Pennsylvania government and politics, was named to a position in President Barack Obama’s administration on Monday.
11/18/10 6:20am

Jewish voters not singular bloc

As in past election cycles, Democratic candidates won a majority of the Jewish vote in the midterm elections, but the complete story of the Jewish vote is far more complex.
11/17/10 5:07am

Gov’t funding may take hit

For Penn, millions of dollars are potentially at risk with the change in political power in Harrisburg, Pa., and Washington, D.C., next year after the midterm elections.
11/12/10 9:07am

Analysts split on Tea Party effect

While Republicans scored a number of big wins across the country last week, netting one of the largest seat gains in Congress in half a century, Tea Party-backed candidates for Senate produced a far more mixed record.
11/10/10 4:22am

Pa. set for redistricting next year

The midterms were a major success for the national Republican Party, but the full results also reveal an additional Republican victory that will impact Pennsylvania for the next decade.
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