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05/31/07 5:00am

Opinion Art | Alicia Puglionesi

Alicia Puglionesi is a College junior from Havertown, Pa. Her e-mail address is
05/11/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | Even the best-laid plans...

It was never supposed to be like this. Me, I mean. I was never supposed to be like this.
04/25/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | Pop the 'Penn Bubble'

Mandatory acculturation programs are needed to better acquaint students with all that Philadelphia has to offer.
04/17/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | No more tunnel vision

It will take innovative financial planning and regional cooperation to make SEPTA an asset, not an embarrassment.
04/03/07 5:00am
The revitalization of a New York railway is inspiring local residents to pursue similar redevelopment in Philadelphia
03/20/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | Students don't know how to keep their 'bread'

Too many college students graduate without understanding the basics of personal finance; luckily, hip-hop artists are here to help.
02/27/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | The not-so-exact science of college rankings

The arbitrary and inconsistent system of ranking colleges and universities only confuses already-stressed students.
02/13/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | Losing the debate

Despite an ideal location and willing campus, Penn has little luck when it comes to hosting presidential debates.
02/05/07 5:00am

Single point separates Fencing from sweep

Penn men's and women's fencers both showed different aspects of the word "team" this weekend at the MIT Multi Meet. The men's squad showed what teamwork meant, while the women provided an example of resilience. The men's team went 3-1, defeating NYU, MIT and Boston College, while losing a heartbreaker to Brandeis, 14-13.
01/30/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | Driving in the wrong direction

As one of only two states to provide legislators with cars, Pa.'s current gas-guzzling fleet sets a bad example.
01/22/07 5:00am

Big Green out to defend consecutive Ivy titles

By Andrew sweet Staff Writer After nearly upsetting No. 3 seed Rutgers in last year's NCAA tournament, the Dartmouth women entered this season with some major question marks. The Big Green lost All-Ivy first team players Jeannie Cullen and Angie Soriaga.
01/16/07 5:00am

Evan Goldin | The great divide

Nonexistent guidelines for course coordination put students at a disadvantage.
12/06/06 5:00am

Daily Digit

16,837Average number of Philadelphia public school students skipping school each day. Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
12/05/06 5:00am

Daily digit

53MCopies of the Madden NFL series video game sold worldwide in the last 17 years. Source: The Washington Post
12/01/06 5:00am

Daily Digit

22Americans who died in 2003 from being crushed by human stampedes.Source: Trans. Safety Board
11/30/06 5:00am

Daily Digit

1Of 2,562 College graduates from the classes of 1986 and 1987 surveyed, the number of males who list themselves as "stay-at-home dads." About 300 women from the class now stay home to raise children.Source: Career Services College Alumni Survey
11/06/06 5:00am

Should the state borrow $20 million to give to '91 Gulf War veterans?

This proposition is simply not the best way to accomplish the goal of rewarding servicemen and -women. A proposition much like this one went to - and was not approved by - voters shortly after the first Gulf War more than 15 years ago. There seems to be little reason veterans of this particular war are much more deserving than they were 15 years ago.
10/11/06 5:00am
It's restaurants like Amada that make the trip to Old City worthwhile.
09/22/06 5:00am

Between issues: Ride NJ Transit for free

There's nothing better than a free ride. This weekend, NJ Transit will allow college students to use its system for no cost.
09/12/06 5:00am

Between Issues: Facebook to open to everyone

Social networking site - long accessible only to college and high school students - will soon open its doors to everyone.
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