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11/25/18 11:59pm
This high demand leaves some students stuck on waitlists, unable to satisfy computer science courses that are required for their majors and minors.
09/17/18 12:09am
On Oct. 17, Bush will be speaking at a Penn Political Union event, which is funded by the Andrea Mitchell Center, Center Director and Political Science professor Jeffrey Green wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian.
08/27/18 11:23pm
Each course offered through the online MCIT program will cost $2,500, and the total cost of the program will be $26,300. 
05/14/18 11:01am
The survey was based on overall quality of food, curb appeal, cleanliness, and value for money spent.
04/22/18 7:13pm
The Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board began the program in 2015 and grants up to $300 per project for students to explore their interests throughout the course of the semester.
04/22/18 12:58pm
The movement, sponsored by the Penn Women in Computer Science student organization, aims to “putting a face to these statistics."
04/18/18 10:50pm
Over the two-day period, students are introduced to the various academic, social, cultural, residential, and extracurricular opportunities that the University has to offer.
04/12/18 7:14pm
After facing sexual assault claims, 1963 College graduate Steve Wynn has sold his stake in his company and is reportedly preparing to sell over $100 million worth of art next month. 
04/08/18 3:13pm
With the placenta-on-a-chip, researchers aimed to model the transport of nutritional molecules through the placental barrier, using two growing layers of human cells. 
03/28/18 7:26pm
This increase in Pennsylvania follows a nationwide trend of organic food sales, reported by a USA Today analysis of data from the Organic Trade Association.
03/24/18 6:17pm
At Penn and across the country, educators are pushing back against proposals to arm teachers with weapons. 
03/20/18 11:11pm
The event was sponsored by Penn's Positive Psychology Center and was apart of the week-long teach-in, which is the first of its kind in 49 years.
03/11/18 7:38pm
The service, which will be even cheaper than the Uber Pool option, aims to make rides more affordable for commuters. 
02/13/18 9:14pm
The Glee Club is working with Penn KDSAP, or Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program, to help fund free health screenings in medically-underserved communities in Philadelphia.
02/08/18 8:05pm
According to Tech Times, Penn researchers anticipate vast applications for this recent discovery including treatment for patients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries or Alzheimer’s disease, among other ailments.
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