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10/30/17 11:45pm
Trump's administration has enforced multiple travel bans that have impacted students from various countries.
10/23/17 5:42pm
Following a two-day election last week, the University of Chicago became one of 12 academic institutions to host a Graduate Student Union.
10/22/17 7:37pm
One of the main reasons for the high number of cases of academic dishonesty is the CIS department's plagiarism-checking software, professors said. 
08/20/17 10:36pm
This task force was formed in response to an offensive email sent by off-campus organization OZ two semesters ago. 
07/26/17 4:35pm
During an appointment in Leonard Rosenfeld's office on the premises of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, a patient claims he hypnotized her before sexually assaulting her.
07/14/17 5:45pm
The most recent such ranking, published by MONEY, a magazine part of Time, Inc., listed Penn 27th on a list of the 711 "best colleges for your money."
07/05/17 5:26pm
A groundbreaking physicist with over 200 scientific papers published throughout his career, Burstein was 99 years old and is survived by his wife, three daughters and two grandchildren. 
06/19/17 6:17pm
Incoming students, you'll want to know where to go when the Van Pelt underground is overcrowded during finals week.
05/19/17 10:27am
Even after international students secure a sponsor for the H-1B visa, they still have to enter a lottery system for the visa which is known for having a low acceptance rate. In 2016, only 85,000 visas were granted out of 236,000 applications.
05/03/17 5:47pm
The project aims to house inpatient care for heart and vascular medicine and surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, the Abramson Cancer Center and a new emergency department. This is Philadelphia's most "ambitious health care building project," Penn Medicine said in a statement.
04/24/17 10:47pm
“There was not much communication up until an event was getting shut down,” President of the IFC and College junior Bradley Freeman said. “Our goals were to form a relationship and better understanding between monitors and presidents.”
04/24/17 10:32pm
Vice president of Sigma Alpha Mu and College junior Matt Foman said he felt the Greek community was a good place to start expanding mental health training. “I think that Greek life is a place where people can be very real with each other and aren’t really afraid to talk about more intimate things," he said.
04/18/17 7:17pm
After the president of Penn State published a letter suggesting that a fraternity member's death might result in the banning of Greek Life altogether at Penn State, Penn students maintain their support for Greek life at Penn.
04/17/17 6:11pm
Students for Justice in Palestine are hosting "Israeli Apartheid Week" for the second time at Penn despite receiving backlash last year.
04/14/17 5:54pm
Professor of plastic surgery in the Perelman School of Medicine Paris Butler and vice-provost’s postdoctoral fellow in the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics Ahmaad Jenkins received the honor. 
04/12/17 11:06pm
“I, for one, don’t want to have to deal with parties at my house,” McCann said. “But it also places us in an uncomfortable position where we have to rely on boys for parties and alcohol and that can definitely create an uncomfortable power dynamic.”
04/12/17 10:34pm
In the press release, Legend said he was “thrilled” to work with Penn on “critical issues” that the US criminal justice system faces.
04/10/17 6:50pm
Following the executive orders of the immigration ban on the entry of refugees from Muslim-majority countries, some universities announced that they will be providing free summer housing for international students impacted by the orders. 
04/07/17 5:23pm
An HIV vaccine does not yet exist due to the nature of the infection, which quickly mutates and hides its external layer of proteins, commonly called the envelope. 
04/06/17 12:39am
“Medicine was a perfect fit for her because not only was she brilliant as far as science comes, but she was a compassionate individual,” her father, Jerrold Zeitels said. “She was always looking to help other people.”
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