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04/19/21 12:37am
The Philadelphia Department of Health announced on Friday that everyone over the age of 16 would be immediately eligible for the vaccine, moving the city to phase 2 of vaccine distribution. 
04/04/21 11:55pm
The study found that the United States government's Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children saw an 8% increase in enrollment in states that switched from paper vouchers to electronic benefit cards. 
03/24/21 12:10am
The study found the strongest associations between head injuries and the development of dementia among female participants and white participants.
02/24/21 12:40am
On average, anomalous faces were more likely to be associated with negative personality characteristics, including untrustworthiness and anxiety.
02/08/21 1:19am
When tenants are evicted, most people "double up" with other households, contributing to the spread of COVID-19 within households.
01/25/21 10:20pm
Researchers found that the number of fatal overdoses suffered by Black individuals increased by over 50% compared to the previous year while the rate for white individuals dropped by 31%.
10/30/20 4:22pm
Each student enrolled in the Philadelphia School District is shortchanged by $5,583, according to the analysis.
10/14/20 11:10pm
Temple’s announcement comes just two weeks after the University of Pennsylvania announced that a comprehensive spring semester plan will be released to the community by mid-November. 
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