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11/29/12 1:21am
The root of the problem in Senate is not the existence of the filibuster. It’s a refusal to listen to the sense of the meeting.
11/15/12 12:04am
Where have all our male role models gone?
11/01/12 12:32am
Politics have flooded news portals for the last 16 months. How refreshing, to have a non-partisan two days.
10/18/12 1:25am
Wouldn’t it be nice, whilst contemplating the ethical dilemmas in Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” to have a former lawyer in your class? And wouldn’t it be helpful, in the throes of Marketing 101, to have a data analyst on your team?
09/19/12 11:48pm
Pitchfork isn’t offensive. It’s hilarious.
09/06/12 12:18am
I don’t want to know how much Romney’s horse cost. I don’t care to read Obama’s Occidental transcripts. I don’t have a particular interest in Michelle Obama’s shoe size.
04/20/11 5:19am

The Half of It | Senior societies shouldn’t have to tap that

Why the exclusivity in senior honor societies? Is it naive to think applications should be open to every student — not just those who have been tapped?
04/06/11 5:29am

The Half of It | Broken by the curve

Curving systems render grading less about individual performance and more about the performance of others.
03/23/11 7:07am

The Half of It | Capogiro’s curdled coffee culture

As admirable as Capogiro’s intentions may be, some students feel that unnecessary condescension and pretension reign behind the coffee bar.
03/02/11 6:09am

The Half of It | Geek life: sisterhood scholars and fratastic GPAs

As an unaffiliated student, I can’t help but begrudge the academic support that Greek members get.
02/16/11 6:44am

The Half of It | Post-midnight McDollar manipulation

Penn students have fallen victim to a savvy staff with a scheming knowledge of their irresistible inventory. Surely McDonald’s must be taking advantage here.
02/02/11 6:22am

The Half of It | Account me in: finding warmth in Wharton

Wharton does not only cater to manic number crunchers and Wall Street wannabes. Let business take its place alongside arts and humanities.
01/19/11 5:16am

The Half of It | An SMS alert: forget me not!

At Penn, I find myself tiring of dispensable introductions and the casual conversations that follow. The prevalence and acceptability of disposable relationships is simply unnecessary.
12/12/10 9:34pm

Cognoscenti offers new College-specific info session

The Cognoscenti program — created in response to similar sessions offered by the Wharton School and the School of Engineering — hosts a question-and-answer panel every weekday for prospective students and their families.
12/09/10 3:37am
Students gathered Wednesday night to discuss homophobia and spread awareness of “men on the down-low.”
12/08/10 1:35am

Mindful meditation helps students de-stress

Mindfulness@Penn is a new club on campus that provides bi-weekly guided meditations for the Penn community.
12/07/10 4:54am
When two Penn alumni met in Buenos Aires last December, its streets were frozen yogurt-free. Less than 10 months later, they opened the city’s first frozen yogurt store, Top It.
12/03/10 3:35am
College sophomore Christopher Cruz-Guzman was elected the new United Minorities Council chairman yesterday. Cruz-Guzman discussed his plans to promote unity, diversity and awareness on campus with the Daily Pennsylvanian.
11/16/10 6:24am
The Race Dialogue Project set up a display in the Claudia Cohen Hall Fox Gallery this Sunday. The group aims to foster a dialogue on campus by providing “a magnified look at the layers of race.”
11/12/10 2:01am

Q&A; with APSC chairman Nicky Singh

The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with College junior Nicky Singh, the new Asian Pacific Student Coalition chairman as of Wednesday.
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