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04/25/11 5:14am

Farewell Column by Emerson Brooking | My final paean to Penn

Farewell columns are invariably self-important and unavoidably pretentious. I’ve been looking forward to writing one for a very long time.
03/24/11 5:25am

Emerson Brooking | Remembering the Great War

We need a renewed interest in the war that Frank Buckles fought and renewed appreciation for the sacrifices he and his WWI comrades made.
11/30/10 5:51am

Southern Comfort | Free-thinking and proud of it

In his challenge to the Ten Commandments, Rev. Bo Turner exhibited the kind of behavior we all should follow.
11/16/10 5:12am

Southern Comfort | The Watergate that really wasn’t

Thanks in large part to the DP, Christian Lunoe has gone through too much for too little. This newspaper overstepped its bounds in its treatment of a fellow student. It should not do so again.
11/02/10 4:24am

Southern Comfort | Rally to Restore Sanity: the joke’s on us

I’m not going to offer a pithy recap or make a pun about “Sanity and/or Fear.” Instead, I want to tell you why the rally wasn’t important. And I want to tell you why it was.
10/26/10 3:25am

Southern Comfort | Facebook and the Philosopher's Stone

It’s up to us to appreciate the power and recognize the pitfalls of our deepening digital footprint.
10/05/10 3:45am

Southern Comfort | Give me that old time religion

As a proselytizing faith, it can be difficult for evangelical Christianity to find its place in the framework of tolerance. And in doing so, it can compromise those very elements which set it apart in the first place.
09/21/10 3:46am

Southern Comfort | Narrowing the service gap

Nestled in the Penn bubble, we know a lot about the strategic hopscotch that starts wars, but we know less and less about the college-aged kids we send to fight them.
06/17/10 2:06am

Emerson Brooking | All a-Twitter for the wrong reasons

Social media has its uses, but also its place.
12/13/09 10:36pm

Southern Comfort | Censorship hits high school

Blocking content in high-school newspapers is harmful to the future of journalism.
12/09/09 5:49am

Southern Comfort | Battling for Ivy League recognition

Currently, four Ivies permit an ROTC program on campus, and only two, Penn and Cornell University, continue to award any sort of academic credit for cadet participation. This should change.
11/25/09 6:46am

Emerson Brooking | Taking the midnight train to Georgia

Long- distance travel on Amtrak has logistical and social benefits.
11/18/09 5:06am

Emerson Brooking | I came, I saw, I majored

When I came to Penn, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Plato and Cicero. Moreover, I wasn’t sure why it mattered.
11/11/09 3:33am

Emerson Brooking | Once was enough

“The South Will Rise Again” is a phrase that evokes reminders of a dark and bitter chapter in American history — and it has no place at the sporting events of a public university.
11/04/09 3:44am

Emerson Brooking | Setting aside the differences

Agreeing to disagree is something that politicians could use a little reminding of these days.
10/28/09 4:01am

Emerson Brooking | A Phever around campus

The Phillies' recent success has brought them a cadre of new Penn fans.
10/21/09 4:22am

Emerson Brooking | Too much of a good thing

Emerson Brooking discusses how too much agreement can lead to complacency
10/07/09 2:10am

Emerson Brooking | Changing the game

Voters and candidates need to work together to create a more engaged campaign
09/30/09 3:54am

Emerson Brooking | Our chance to capture a moment

Our generation owes plenty to the Woodstock moment
09/23/09 4:30am

Emerson Brooking | Penn, pandemic and you

The University has myriad preventive measures planned, but not panicking is key.
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