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04/29/14 10:58pm
Penn women’s tennis has had a troubled year, but at least it had a dependable captain and a strong anchor to navigate it through its darkest storms and its testiest waters.
04/21/14 1:29am
After spending its conference season dwelling at the bottom of Ivy League standings, Penn women’s tennis concluded its disappointing year on a positive note this weekend.
04/14/14 11:42pm
It’s been an unusual journey to Penn for women’s tennis freshman Kana Daniel
04/13/14 11:45pm
Defeat was written across the faces of Penn women’s tennis this weekend. Despite putting up a tremendous effort in their two-match home stand, the Red and Blue could not register their first Ivy win.
04/10/14 10:56pm
On Friday and Saturday afternoon, the Quakers (7-7, 0-3 Ivy) will host Dartmouth (5-7, 1-1) and No. 46 Harvard (9-5, 1-1), hoping to salvage the latter half of their conference play.
04/06/14 8:53pm
The Quakers hit the road to face Brown and defending champ Yale this weekend, hungry to return to its winning ways. But the Red and Blue failed to register a win.
04/03/14 9:48pm
For Penn women’s tennis, this weekend is all about redemption, and on Friday, the Quakers will hit the road for a pair of back-to-back matches.
04/01/14 1:09am
The sun was beaming for Penn softball Tuesday, both literally and figuratively.
03/31/14 9:18pm
Hoping to defy expectations and win its first match of Ivy play this season, the outgunned Penn women’s tennis team instead lost in predictable fashion to a rival squad.
03/27/14 10:03pm
Penn women’s tennis won’t have to dig deep to find the motivation to beat its next opponent; the rivalry is already bred in its bones and the only thing on its mind is vengeance after last year.
03/16/14 10:02pm

Penn women's tennis captures two wins in California

The next stage of the Penn women’s tennis season looks positive as the team pulled off two impressive wins in its three-game road trip to California over break.Despite dropping their final match, the Quakers showed stunning success in their doubles pairings in each contest.Against their first opponent Rhode Island on Monday in Palm Springs, the Red and Blue showed no mercy, winning the match 5-2 after gaining early momentum during doubles play.
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