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04/08/11 2:57am
When College freshman Naomi Shavin was four years old, her dad taught her the alphabet. At seven, her words were sold in bookstores all over the country.
03/18/11 3:49am
While some returned to campus after spring break with stories of beaches and nightclubs, others brought back less glamorous — yet no less enjoyable — memories.
02/21/11 3:42am
John, who stole meals from under Houston Hall daily from October through January until being caught, is one of many students who steal food regularly from Houston.
01/31/11 4:56am
When Glenn Bryan started at Penn in 1993, a homeless camp was set up on campus. In the last 20 years, Penn has made an effort to help a community that has trouble helping itself.
12/13/10 1:26am

Bilingual tours to begin next semester

Starting next semester, the University plans to schedule campus tours in Spanish once or twice per week, according to Dean of Admissions Eric Furda.
12/10/10 11:01pm

Early decision admit rate falls to 26 percent

Early decision results were released online Friday. The admit rate was 26 percent — lower than the 31 percent acceptance rate last year, according to Dean of Admissions Eric Furda.
12/09/10 6:00pm
On Thursday, Penn appointed Barbara Mellers and Philip Tetlock as new Penn Integrates Knowledge professors. They will serve in Wharton and SAS's Psychology Department.
12/08/10 6:49am

Students unfazed by WikiLeaks warnings

Though students at Columbia University were advised to think twice before tweeting “#WikiLeaks,” Penn students have received no similar warning.
12/03/10 2:02am

Psychiatry chairman faces ghostwriting accusations

Recently discovered e-mails reveal that a document published in 2003 by Psychiatry Department Chairman Dwight Evans may not have been honest work.
12/01/10 8:25am

Options open for last-minute housing

So summer’s drawing to a close and you still don’t have a roof to call your own. Even if thoughts of transferring to another university or dropping out altogether seem like the only options, don’t give up. With some creativity and flexibility, there are plenty of solutions to this house-tastrophe.
12/01/10 7:37am

Reasons to 'rush' into Greek living

Joining a Greek organization freshman year not only gives students a huge new group of friends, but also a really nice option for living the following year.
11/30/10 4:14am

Alum's book adds humor to admissions angst

Almost 20 years later, Risa Lewak, a 1998 College graduate, is still caught up in the admissions process. She’s teaching applicants how to stay sane and learn from the mistakes she made.
11/24/10 1:22am

Penn produced 7 Rhodes finalists

An all-time high of 26 Penn students applied for the Rhodes Scholarship this year, seven of whom were named as finalists.
11/23/10 3:25am

Two Penn seniors awarded Marshall Scholarships

Nursing and Wharton senior GJ Melendez-Torres and College and Wharton senior Kristin Hall received 2011 Marshall Scholarships, allowing them to pursue a master's degree, free of charge.
11/21/10 11:55pm

No Rhodes Scholars for Penn

The list of Rhodes Scholarship domestic winners came out Sunday, and neither Penn students nor recent alumni made the cut. Last year, one Penn student was a Rhodes scholar.
11/19/10 4:23am

Early decision applications up at peer schools

Early decision applications at Penn rose 18.3 percent this year, an increase similar to those of most peer institutions.
11/18/10 5:07am

Wacky applicants baffle Penn interviewers

The consensus from Penn interviewers is that applicants are consistently bright and engaging. Yet, questions like “Where is Penn located again?” do surface on occasion.
11/17/10 5:34am
While many students spent this weekend working in Van Pelt Library, College freshman Nick Hissom squeezed schoolwork between photo shoots and red-carpet appearances.
11/13/10 6:34pm
Though the Westboro Baptist Church wrote on its website that it planned to picket The Laramie Project at the Annenberg Center Saturday afternoon, no Church protesters arrived.
11/08/10 4:34am

Penn not designated a 'top producer' of Fulbright Scholars

Penn's absence from the Fulbright Scholar "top producers" is a result of unusual circumstances. Of 13 scholars granted the fellowship last year, four declined for personal reasons.
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