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12/05/16 3:20am
Following several reports of hate crimes allegedly in response to the Trump presidential victory, non-minority people showed support by wearing safety pins.
12/05/16 3:13am
Chaplain Chaz Howard weighed with his opinions about what the Republican's win means for the black community and social justice movements in the next four years.
11/15/16 12:30am
Last night, we experienced the natural phenomenon of a supermoon. This astrological event only happens once every several decades — the last supermoon occurred 69 years ago.
11/14/16 2:13am
"The conference went really well. Considering all that's happened in the past week, it was great to have the support of black students across the Ivy League," Wharton junior Nanette Elufa said.
10/26/16 1:50am
The United Minority Council is kicking of a month long series of events on Thursday with an open mic night.
10/25/16 2:07am
Some students who praised the letter still questioned why it was published now, given the volume of campus events themed around "Black Lives Matter" over the past few years.
10/14/16 10:01pm
In a year marked by Islamophobia nationally and locally, the Muslim Student Association spent the past week spreading awareness of their faith. 
10/03/16 1:09am
The conference allows students, especially minority students in Wharton, to meet other successful people of color in the business world. 
09/15/16 2:27pm
On Wednesday, UMOJA hosted a student panel discussion about what issues are most important to minorities in the 2016 election.
09/08/16 1:26am
Brown was selected for the gig out of a nationwide search done by MTVU, a network geared toward students.
08/31/16 12:53am
The center, which is located across from 1920 Commons, will host speakers about foreign policy and international relations. 
08/24/16 12:19am
Thanks to an appearance at a Penn Diplomacy and Policy Center panel, Wharton junior Kayvon Asemani received an opportunity to perform at the United Nations headquarters in New York. 
04/26/16 2:52am
After months of on campus voter registration, campaigning and opinionated Facebook protest today is primary day in Pennsylvania.
04/18/16 1:42am
On April 14, protesters gathered at College Green to show their support and solidarity with the “Stadium Stompers” — a gathering of West Philadelphia community members and Temple University students united against the construction of the new stadium.
04/07/16 3:36am
College sophomore Makayla Reynolds was elected as the first black female class president in Penn’s history this past Friday night.
04/05/16 1:27am
Leaders in the Penn Muslim community took a stand against Islamophobia on Monday, holding a "solidarity luncheon" as the inaugural meeting for Students Against Islamophobia and Discrimination.
03/28/16 1:32am
College sophomore Taylor Hamilton created a photo depicting the Texas pool party scene that garnered over 1,300 likes on his Instagram account. 
03/27/16 6:00am
This past week, Check One, Penn’s mixed heritage club, hosted a week of events to raise awareness about multicultural identity at Penn.
03/19/16 6:00am
Arianna Alexander is carrying out her dream to open her own restaurants.
02/25/16 2:13am
College sophomore Jazmine Smith is passionate about her Christian faith and hopes to share it with others in a fun, youthful way.
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