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03/01/20 10:41pm
Student-designed communities are program communities designed and run by undergraduate students.
02/12/20 11:25pm
Penn Dining is featuring recipes from dining hall workers at various dining halls from Feb. 10 to Feb. 13. 
02/02/20 9:41pm
The scholarship grants one year of graduate study at University of Cambridge in England and is awarded annually to only fifteen students in the U.S. for “outstanding academic achievement” in science, mathematics, and engineering.
01/29/20 12:10am
The Lunar New Year celebration is part of The Penn Cooks program, an initiative started in September 2019 under Penn Dining to celebrate the diverse student body of Penn and feature cuisines and chefs from different cultural backgrounds. 
01/23/20 12:20am
Penn Dining administrators said Penn has offered sufficient ways for students to use the swipes and that they have a responsibility to actively seek out these alternate solutions.
12/06/19 12:46am
Andrasik pointed out that implicit biases are not influenced by social desirability bias, which pushes people to behave in certain ways with the hope that others will view them more favorably as a result.
11/12/19 5:34pm
The grant will be used to support a clinical trial aimed at preventing the recurrence of triple-negative breast cancer.
11/06/19 11:34pm
In a discussion with Political Science professor Nicholas Sambanis, Swing shared his personal insights on the successes and challenges of U.N. peacekeeping missions.
10/29/19 9:01pm
The paper, titled "Making Consumer Finance Work," focused on several Obama-era policies, such as the establishment of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. 
10/21/19 8:48am
The panelists, who are current FGLI graduate students, answered student questions about the difficulties of finding housing and financial help as a graduate student. 
10/13/19 8:09pm
The document, available on the Penn Sustainability website, includes an alphabetical listing by school and department of courses that include a sustainability component.  
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