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12/01/11 9:44pm

Jobs in academia present opportunities, challenges for Penn students

The academic job market is competitive and is often one in which supply does not meet demand — but that hasn’t stopped some Penn students from wanting to pursue it.
11/04/11 12:45am
Penn Homecoming keeps alumni returning to campus.
10/20/11 1:12am
Married students reflect on life at Penn and explain the decision to get married in college.
09/22/11 12:41am
Penn Transit, first introduced in 1972, is the largest shuttle system provided by a single university.
05/03/11 6:21am

Not all praise celebration over bin Laden's death

Jubilance over al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s death was not universally shared across campus.
04/25/11 3:36am

Small department to see large reshuffle

Nathan Ensmenger’s departure from the STSC department after being denied tenure is not the only faculty change that will affect the department next year.
04/25/11 12:00am

Political Science professor Henry Teune dies at 75

Henry Teune, professor of Political Science, died on April 12 at the age of 75.
04/22/11 2:28am

University appoints Ensmenger replacement

PIK professor Jonathan Moreno was chosen to replace STSC undergraduate chair Nathan Ensmenger Wednesday, following Ensmenger's recent tenure denial and decision to leave Penn.
04/20/11 5:57am
Nathan Ensmenger, co-founder of the Science, Technology and Society program, was denied tenure after 15 years at Penn, prompting disappointment from his students.
04/05/11 5:09am

Joke issue: FlingSafe gets wild with opium den

Monday morning, a group of FlingSafe members were arrested for selling and smoking opium in a Fisher Hassenfeld dorm room.
04/04/11 12:57am

'Off-the-record' lectures promote informal, open discussion

Students don’t always have to take notes during lectures. In fact, for some lectures, they shouldn’t.
03/29/11 2:55am

Maury Povich donates $1M to Writers House

Television talk show host and 1962 College graduate Maury Povich is making a $1 million gift to the Kelly Writers House to establish the Povich Fund for Journalism Programs.
03/28/11 3:07am
Students are not the only ones that struggle with the challenges of teamwork here at Penn. In many courses, professors work to balance the intricacies and complications when teaching as a team.
03/24/11 3:27am

Students question new Fling seating

Unlike previous years, tickets for this year's Spring Fling concert are being sold in nine sections, raising student concerns.
03/22/11 4:31am

Fling misses out on fourth artist

A fourth performer could have been a possibility for this year’s Spring Fling concert, but SPEC's pre-existing agreements with Penn Athletics over Franklin Field kept the lineup at three.
03/18/11 12:02am

Skype in style for job interviews

Many employers are now choosing to conduct interviews via the downloadable application, allowing students to speak with employers from their dorm rooms.
03/02/11 6:01am

WikiLeaks comes to college campuses

UniLeaks announced its aim to expose “corruption and mismanagement” in United States colleges in an open letter to university presidents on Monday.
03/01/11 2:05am

Penn connects with young alumni

A new initiative, called yPenn, will host events and leadership opportunities around the world for young alumni.
02/24/11 5:40am

Former Penn student a 'Black Swan' co-producer

Jon Avnet, who transferred out of Penn at the end of his sophomore year, co-produced 'Black Swan' — nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Motion Picture.
02/24/11 5:35am

Integrated Studies Program to house freshman scholars

Those selected for the program will enroll in a year-long, residential-based liberal arts curriculum designed to bridge the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.
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