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09/29/11 11:24pm

New student website targets pre-med students

Two College sophomores spent the summer constructing the Pre-Med Authority, a social-media network tailored to pre-med students.
09/26/11 10:47pm

Psychology and technology play a role in the war on terrorism

The drive to gain an advantage in the war on terror has yielded new breakthroughs in technology targeting the human brain as a means to protect the United States
09/26/11 10:13pm
The biomedical research center broke ground Friday on a new seven-story glass and steel research tower to be constructed at 36th and Spruce streets.
09/21/11 11:23pm

Patent reform may benefit Penn researchers

The America Invents Act, signed into law by President Barack Obama last Friday, may benefit Penn researchers with its adoption of a “first-to-file” policy.
09/19/11 9:47pm

Wharton, Penn Med faculty collaborate to improve health care

The newly-opened Center for Innovations in Health Care Financing will use ideas in behavioral economics to improve patient health and reduce healthcare costs.
09/13/11 11:14pm

Presidential Bioethics Commission discovers atrocities

The Presidential Bioethics Commission, headed by Penn President Amy Gutmann, determined the U.S. wrongly experimented on Guatemalans in the 1940s
09/12/11 10:31pm
The new director of the Abramson Cancer Center is putting his passion for interdisciplinary teamwork at the heart of his plans to foster research and improve patient care.
09/11/11 9:37pm
The Vet School hosted its second working dog conference last week, followed by a tribute in honor of the search and rescue dogs who served in the aftermath of 9/11.
08/30/11 8:46pm
Located at 3940 Spruce St., the Transplant House opened July 18 as a guest house for the families and loved ones of patients receiving organ transplantation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
04/06/11 3:18am
Marc Platt, a 1979 College graduate who produced movies including Legally Blonde and shows like Wicked on Broadway, was the keynote speaker for the Social Entrepreneurial Network’s second annual conference Tuesday night.
03/23/11 3:00am
The Asian Pacific Student Coalition hosted Iranian-Japanese journalist Roxana Saberi Tuesday night in Huntsman Hall, attracting approximately fifty students. Saberi has worked with ABC Radio, NPR and BBC, but chose to share about her experience in Iran.
03/01/11 5:22am
Monday night, chief blogger for the 2008 Obama campaign Sam Graham-Felsen spoke to about 20 students in Communication professor Ken Winneg’s “New Media and Politics” class.
02/15/11 4:45am
Susan Cheever, who authored a biography of author Louisa May Alcott, spoke at the Kelly Writers House Monday as part of the Writers House Fellows Program.
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