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10/08/12 7:20pm
Utsav Schurmans and his family are one of several “college house families” who call Penn’s college dormitories their permanent home. Living in a college house — and, for the children, growing up in one — is as normal and as “uniquely Penn” as one might expect it to be.
08/12/12 2:02pm

Penn partners with Novartis to fight cancer

Last week, the University announced an exclusive, multi-year global research and licensing agreement with Novartis to expand the number of new cellular immunotherapies for cancer.
07/25/12 9:52pm

Penn students take on the White House

The White House summer internship program, which began in May, brought together students from different educational paths at Penn.
07/18/12 8:46pm
The conference drew more than 100 college students and staff members from around the United States, including members of Programs in Religion, Interfaith and Spirituality Matters, Penn’s interfaith group.
07/11/12 9:13pm
The event drew designers, project managers, programmers and other IT professionals from all over the nation to Penn.
04/23/12 8:47pm

The ABC's of Penn's ABCS classes

This semester, there were 21 undergraduate and nine graduate ABCS classes offered, three of which were new. VIDEO: Word on the WalkINTERACTIVE: Academically Based Community Service
04/22/12 10:35pm

Penn NAACP president sits down with 'The Daily Pennsylvanian'

College senior Megan Reed recently sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to reflect on her experience as the president of Penn’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
04/06/12 12:23am
College junior Chris Cruz and Engineering sophomore Ibrahim Ayub hosted a general body meeting to relaunch Check One, a multiracial and multicultural organization that has not met for about a decade on Penn’s campus after being founded in 1995.
04/02/12 7:44pm

The 'DP' sits down with new PCUW chair

Last week, College junior Adrienne Edwards was elected the new chair of the Penn Consortium for Undergraduate Women — the umbrella group for women’s groups on campus.
04/01/12 8:34pm

Natives at Penn celebrates culture, heritage third annual powwow

Natives at Penn — a group that aims to celebrate Native American heritage and to increase visibility and awareness of native cultures on campus — hosted their third annual powwow at Wynn Commons Saturday afternoon. VIDEO: Natives at Penn PowwowGALLERY: Natives at Penn Powwow
03/27/12 9:53pm
The ‘DP’ sits down with the Co-Chair of Natives at Penn, College freshman Sean Massa.
03/27/12 8:40pm

Minorities fall behind in graduation rates

While 90.9 percent of white students graduated in four years, those numbers were lower for black and Asian students, who had four-year graduation rates of 82.2 percent and 87.3 percent, respectively.
03/26/12 12:40am
Sunday night marked the beginning of the 30th annual Festival Latino, a week-long celebration of Latino culture and heritage. The Latino Coalition launched this year’s festival with a kick-off ceremony of food and spoken word artists known as “Sancocho.”
03/22/12 9:47pm

Black students may be wary to seek counseling, study finds

A write-up of the study suggested that stigma, trust and unpleasant experiences were some of the primary factors that discouraged black students from seeking counseling services in college.
03/11/12 9:01pm
Last April, more than 200 students and faculty members participated in a silent protest against racism on College Green. The protest was triggered by a Daily Pennsylvanian guest column in which then-College of Liberal and Professional Studies student Christopher Abreu, described an encounter with racism on Penn’s campus.
02/26/12 9:30pm

School of Education releases report on black male college success

GSE professor and founder of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education Shaun Harper studied black male undergraduate students who succeeded in college through their involvement as campus leaders and were on track to graduate on time.
02/23/12 11:13pm

Students celebrate memory of Jeffrey Lee

More than 30 students gathered Thursday to honor Lee, who died at the finish line of the Philadelphia Half Marathon.
02/16/12 11:47pm

Students discuss 'Shit People Say'

Penn’s Race Dialogue Project collaborated with several student cultural groups at Penn to host a dialogue about race in light of the social virality of the “Shit People Say” videos.
02/14/12 8:15pm

Latino Coalition, SFS help translate aid materials for applicants

Recently, the Latino Coalition and Student Financial Services have spearheaded efforts to facilitate the financial aid application process for Spanish-speaking families.
02/07/12 11:31pm

Wharton Japan Trek persists despite obstacles

Despite the significant damage the earthquake caused last March, the group plans to carry on with its annual trip to Japan as planned.
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