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03/03/15 10:01pm

Guest Column by David Britto | Why pride isn't an admissions criteria

In her column, “Inviting Quaker pride,” two weeks ago, Dani Blum argued that Penn should continue to admit high percentages of the freshman class through the Early Decision program.
04/24/12 11:39pm

Philadelphia youth unemployment rate double the national average

Unemployment may be due to structural problems in Philadelphia’s education system.
04/19/12 12:02am

Economy, job options prompt graduates to look to nonprofit field

Last year, 43 percent of surveyed companies increased their staff sizes, a 26.5-percent increase from 2010, the report added.
04/15/12 10:14pm

Employment report forecasts job growth for grads

Employers nationwide are expected to hire 10.2 percent more new college graduates this academic year than during 2010-2011. This trend is partially manifested at Penn, but Career Services expects high numbers of offers..
04/11/12 8:00pm

Penn Law grads generally unaffected by national unemployment trend

Rather than a golden ticket to a comfortable career, a law degree may no longer help some students land jobs upon graduation.
04/08/12 11:56pm

Internship survey shows good news for job seekers

More than half of the class of 2012 obtained full-time paid internships last summer. Overall, more internship offers came during March, April and May for students in the College, Nursing and Engineering schools. Nearly half of Wharton students received offers during January and February. INTERACTIVE: Summer 2011 Internship Trends
04/03/12 12:40am

Wharton and Harvard MBA students fundraise for Make-A-Wish

Six groups of Wharton undergraduates and MBA students from Harvard Business School worked together to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation — a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.
03/27/12 9:43pm
‘SLANGuage,’ a free ESL class hosted by The Christian Association at Penn, aims to educate students about idioms and slang language that they might not learn in a more formal English language course.
03/22/12 9:10pm

International students struggle for U.S. employment

While seniors scramble to secure jobs before the recruiting season ends, one particular group of students faces more difficulties than everyone else.
03/20/12 12:37am

Student interns unpaid but undeterred

According to Career Services’ recently released Summer Internship Survey Reports for students in the College of Arts and Sciences, 19 percent of rising seniors took unpaid work last summer.
03/13/12 9:37pm
A study released by Bullhorn Reach, a division of the recruiting software company Bullhorn Inc., reveals that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are set to become important recruitment tools for employers.
02/16/12 10:02pm

InternMatch to launch at Penn this month

InternMatch, an internships website co-founded in 2005 by a Penn graduate, will debut at Penn later this month.
02/13/12 9:32pm

PennLink outage disrupts recruiting

PennLink was offline from the evening of Feb. 9 until the morning of Feb. 13 due to technology malfunctions.
02/09/12 1:21am

PURM offers summer research opportunities

The Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program allows students and faculty to learn from each other outside of the classroom.
02/08/12 9:16pm

Penn graduate launches site as secure, anonymous forum for whistleblowers

Jimmy Tobias, a 2010 College graduate, recently launched Honest Appalachia, a watchdog website that offers whistleblowers an anonymous platform to release sensitive information on government and corporate wrongdoing.
01/31/12 11:12pm

Med School scavenger hunt hopes to spread awareness about cardiac arrest

The MyHeartMap Challenge, which will run until Mar. 13, aims to draw awareness to automatic external defibrillators in the Philadelphia county. Through a scavenger hunt open to the public, the contest offers monetary prizes to groups that can locate the most defibrillators — machines that release electric shocks to the heart to restore normal heart rhythms after cardiac arrest.
01/29/12 10:17pm

Technology companies increase summer interns

Defying the job-cutting trends across many industries, technology companies are offering attractive career prospects to college students.
01/24/12 10:48pm

College and Engineering grads see significant rise in salaries

2011 College of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering and Applied Science graduates saw significant salary increases over their 2010 peers of 7 percent and 12 percent, respectively.
01/18/12 10:41pm

Wharton graduate left his job to travel across the globe

After taking a one-way flight to London, Lam travelled through Europe, stopping in France, Portugal and Spain before crossing the Mediterranean into Africa.
01/18/12 7:07pm

Financial strain leads some to consider graduating early

Penn students are increasingly considering the option of graduating a semester early, as the typical four-year degree gives way to a variety of alternatives.
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