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09/24/19 11:07pm
The colloquium, "How Emerging Technologies are Rewiring the Global Order," featured conversations with Kerry, President of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Executive Director of the Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth, and Uber Chief Scientist Raquel Urtasun. 
04/25/19 10:11pm
While Penn students from Pittsburgh said the hyperloop would provide a much-needed faster travel option, professors expressed skepticism towards the proposal. 
04/17/19 10:52pm
In an interview with the DP, Bush spoke about bipartisanship solutions to climate change and the need for college students to rise up and take the lead.
04/17/19 12:49am
At the summit, speakers presented a range of perspectives on combating climate change at the local, state, national, and international levels.
04/14/19 9:38pm
The clinical trial saw pancreatic tumors shrink in 83% of patients, Penn Medicine News reported. 
04/10/19 11:58pm
The event, “Appraising the Future,” was organized by the Penn Wharton Budget Model and moderated by its faculty director Kent Smetters.
03/24/19 10:58pm
The new study suggests that movement of guns from laxer neighboring states can undermine restrictive state gun laws. 
03/24/19 10:26pm
On March 22, Penn’s Asian American Studies Program and its Undergraduate Advisory Board hosted the "State of Asian American Studies" summit, with attendees from various colleges.
03/18/19 9:40pm
The initiative, now in its second year, helps students from underrepresented backgrounds earn a master's degree and prepare for fast-track admission to Penn’s mathematics Ph.D. program.
03/11/19 9:05pm
A bill introduced by Pennsylvania state representatives in late February signals the movement toward statewide legalization of electronic scooters. 
02/14/19 10:04pm
A new study predicts that by 2080, Philadelphia's winters will be 9.1 degrees Fahrenheit warmer and 41.1 percent wetter.
02/12/19 12:06am
Students have been able to meet foreign leaders, attend conferences in other cities, and participate in realistic policy-making simulations. 
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