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04/25/19 10:11pm
While Penn students from Pittsburgh said the hyperloop would provide a much-needed faster travel option, professors expressed skepticism towards the proposal. 
04/17/19 10:52pm
In an interview with the DP, Bush spoke about bipartisanship solutions to climate change and the need for college students to rise up and take the lead.
04/17/19 12:49am
At the summit, speakers presented a range of perspectives on combating climate change at the local, state, national, and international levels.
04/14/19 9:38pm
The clinical trial saw pancreatic tumors shrink in 83% of patients, Penn Medicine News reported. 
04/10/19 11:58pm
The event, “Appraising the Future,” was organized by the Penn Wharton Budget Model and moderated by its faculty director Kent Smetters.
03/24/19 10:58pm
The new study suggests that movement of guns from laxer neighboring states can undermine restrictive state gun laws. 
03/24/19 10:26pm
On March 22, Penn’s Asian American Studies Program and its Undergraduate Advisory Board hosted the "State of Asian American Studies" summit, with attendees from various colleges.
03/18/19 9:40pm
The initiative, now in its second year, helps students from underrepresented backgrounds earn a master's degree and prepare for fast-track admission to Penn’s mathematics Ph.D. program.
03/11/19 9:05pm
A bill introduced by Pennsylvania state representatives in late February signals the movement toward statewide legalization of electronic scooters. 
02/14/19 10:04pm
A new study predicts that by 2080, Philadelphia's winters will be 9.1 degrees Fahrenheit warmer and 41.1 percent wetter.
02/12/19 12:06am
Students have been able to meet foreign leaders, attend conferences in other cities, and participate in realistic policy-making simulations. 
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