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11/14/13 5:24pm

Guest Column by Dan Eder | Selective diversity

To focus on skin color or ethnicity as the lone proxy for diversity is naive, only setting us back in thought to an era when the masses believed blacks had fundamentally distinct physical and mental capacities than whites.
07/10/13 10:44pm

College grad creates home gin-making kit

2006 College graduate Joe Maiellano has worked with his wife and their two business partners since October of last year on The Homemade Gin Kit, which allows buyers to transform a bottle of store-bought vodka into a homemade bottle of gin.
06/20/13 12:10am

Engineering email interface to be upgraded

Starting June 19, Computing and Educational Technology Services within the School of Engineering will replace its current Horde/IMP webmail interface with Roundcube, which will provide a more up-to-date web interface for the existing email service.
06/12/13 11:51pm
Starting this year, Wharton students will have the option to access their emails directly through Google@Wharton accounts rather than through the on-premise Microsoft Exchange server that Wharton students currently use.
05/29/13 11:14pm
The redevelopment of Penn’s South Bank campus will transform the property into a home for commercial and research facilities tied to the University.
04/22/13 10:04pm
The words, “You are never alone,” resounded through Huntsman Hall last night when actress Brittany Snow stopped by to discuss her Love is Louder campaign.
04/07/13 8:13pm

'Finding the pipers' at Penn

Officially formed this year by College senior Jake Cohen, the five-man Penn Pipes bagpipe band consists of a handful of Penn graduate and undergraduate students united by the unique sound of their instruments.
02/20/13 9:21pm

Peer support hotline reaches students in need

On a Friday night, after other students have gone out, some are sitting by a phone — ready to hear your calls.
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