Articles by Cyndi Chung

04/26/10 4:25am

Slip of the Chung | Moving on, growing up

Despite knowing how important it is to find some place new, I have a hard time with the idea of leaving Penn.
04/05/10 3:02am

Slip of the Chung | Seders aren't just for Jews

Attending the seder was an invaluable experience that I hope other non-Jews have. Participation in another religion’s rituals will teach you more about that religion than a book can.
03/22/10 4:22am

Slip of the Chung | Competition is a good thing

While it may sound odd to view the cutthroat med-school admissions process positively, competition can be a good thing.
03/01/10 4:47am

Slip of the Chung | How to choose a lab: 101

The University should organize a seminar series that helps students decide which labs to join.
02/15/10 5:58am

Slip of the Chung | Feminism without extremity

If our culture is mired in the negative perception of feminists as radicals, then more extremity may not be what feminism needs.
02/01/10 5:49am

Slip of the Chung | Strengthening Penn’s core

At Penn, it is easy to take only those classes that fit our schedules or promise lighter fare. Given the temptation of this academic comfort zone, I have come to believe that when it comes to education, Columbia University does it best.
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