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02/11/19 3:09am
Submissions for the challenge — which total more than 200 ideas so far — include ideas such as hiring staff to support long-term therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services.
02/05/19 7:44am
Panelists discussed various topics, such as the importance of self-care for working transgender people and streamlining communication by encouraging inclusive pronoun use in the classroom.
02/04/19 5:31am
The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly passed an official resolution to address the lack of specific spaces for graduate and professional students on Jan. 30.
02/02/19 11:05pm
Hamilton Village Building Administrator Max Reyes-Rosario wrote in an email to Harnwell residents at 4:58 p.m. that the fan coil unit and air handling caused the leak. 
12/06/18 12:12am
Graduate students at Brown University voted to unionize after over a year of campaigns and Columbia University administration officially recognized the student union following years of resistance.
11/29/18 1:50am
Students cite their packed schedules, peer stigma, and the fact that the physical CAPS space in Penn Dental is completely visible to the outside as roadblocks for student use.
11/12/18 6:27am
As GAPSA's Equity and Access Chair, Laronnda Thompson plans to expand resources for graduate students with disabilities and students seeking to incorporate disability studies into their work. 
10/28/18 11:45pm
Penn's recent push toward online master's degrees has helped create programs for non-traditional students who have faced logistical challenges obtaining a Penn education.
10/22/18 2:06am
Sansom Place East is currently home to 528 graduate students who call the building old and maintenance "horrible," but Business Services said it will be five to ten years before the building will see renovations. 
10/18/18 5:37pm
The Former Governor of Florida recently joined former Vice President Joe Biden as Penn's second Presidential Practice Professor.
10/15/18 6:43pm
The requirement went into effect this semester, but the decision was made in March 2017 as part of the President and Provost's Faculty Inclusion Report.
10/01/18 12:38am
The University has implemented a number of changes to Fels since December 2017, including ousting the executive director and pausing admissions for the 2018-19 school year. 
09/20/18 12:18am
Penn's Philosophy department is the second in the University this year to throw out the GRE requirement. It argues the test 'can be financially burdensome for low-income applicants.'
09/17/18 12:53am
All requests for leave from students who have recently given birth or adopted a child are sent to Family Resource Center. Before, these requests would go through the student's individual department. 
09/12/18 5:12am
Penn alumna Meredith Wooten has returned to campus as the Director of the Graduate Student Center with the goal of aiding underrepresented students.
09/06/18 1:00am
The survey helps inform many ongoing mental health initiatives among the graduate student community, including the establishment of Penn Franklins, a graduate peer support group. 
09/04/18 2:12am
Haley Pilgrim, the new Graduate and Professional Student Assembly President, plans to focus on mental health, sexual harassment, and civic engagement this summer.
08/30/18 1:16am
After months of graduate and professional student activism for better discrimination reporting, Penn rolls out the online form. 
04/19/18 7:15pm
The bill, named after Tim Piazza who died in a hazing-related incident at Penn State, received unanimous approval from the Pennsylvania Senate, and Governor Wolf has already expressed support for its intentions.
04/17/18 2:43am
Penn Law professor Amy Wax said that academics promoting “pluralism and the demoralization of sexuality” are “living the 50s and talking the 60s."
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