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04/14/18 8:50pm
Although Fling is only one day this year, about the same number of people were selected to join Fling Safe as in previous years when Fling lasted two days. 
04/01/18 6:38pm
Among the six Ivy League institutions that have released data on changes to financial aid, Penn's percentage increase is fourth, higher only than Cornell and Dartmouth.
03/15/18 4:22pm
The 63-year-old doctor faces multiple counts of rape against a 45-year-old woman who had called a sexual-abuse hotline and reported that Cruciani assaulted her between the years 2005 and 2012.
02/03/18 10:28pm
“We started planning much of this before a lot of these conversations became national focal points, so I’m glad that we have this ready,” said Malik Washington, the associate director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education.
01/23/18 8:48pm
During her week-long residence, Albats spoke at events both in KWH and in Perry World House and discussed her experience as a Russian opposition journalist.
01/10/18 5:44pm
In a Facebook post announcing his resignation, Ciccariello-Maher said that "death threats and threats of violence" against his family informed his decision to step down. 
12/08/17 2:28pm
Fire alarms have sounded an estimated 15 times this semester in Hill, which "appear to stem from oversensitivity of sensors," administrators wrote in an email to residents on Dec. 7.
11/12/17 4:11pm
The Major Advising Program allows students to find peer advisors within a certain major on an online database. Current advisors say not enough underclassmen seem aware of the resource.
10/18/17 7:44pm
2002 College graduate Dan Diamond spent a thousand hours tracking the flight patterns of Price to prove that he had been using a private plane for government travel.
10/15/17 6:46pm
This announcement comes after several recent changes in the University administration.
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