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11/30/11 1:52am
Don’t promote self-reliance as the major contributor to economic and social mobility until everyone plays by the same rules.
11/16/11 12:51am
If we take away anything from Ash Ketchum’s adventures, it should be to revere the dream and not allow other considerations to prevent it from ever being reached.
11/02/11 1:53am
Felony disenfranchisement should never be seen as the proper execution of justice when it more closely resembles cruel and unusual punishment.
10/26/11 12:10am
Why do you know who Kim Kardashian is? Does anyone actually care? Somewhere along the way, reality TV took a turn for the worse and wound up with her.
10/19/11 12:31am
Most Penn students live in a different reality from those at the heart of the Occupy Wall Street protests. In order to fairly assess the movement, we have to step into this other reality.
10/05/11 12:34am
We must find a way to bring the national average SAT scores closer to those of Penn students.
09/28/11 12:03am
“Hi! My name is Bobby Frosh! Will you sign my petition for student government?” “Sure, Bobby, what exactly does student government do again?” “Uhh… we do whatever it takes to make your collegiate experience better!” “Really?
09/20/11 11:40pm
Tracy Morgan shouldn’t have apologized for his offensive joke. Comedians only feed the audience what they want to hear — an exploration of the darkest machinations of the human mind.
09/14/11 12:25am
At an institution that constantly emphasizes the importance of building relationships with professional firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley via on-campus recruiting, I wonder if students increasingly overlook the value of building relationships with everyday people — people who play integral roles in our community.
04/01/11 5:16am

Cornelius Range | Extend aid to citizens before looking overseas

Undergraduate Assembly presidential candidate Cornelius Range writes a guest column responding to Alec Webley's critique of his views on international students.
03/28/11 4:07am

Cornelius Range | Our collective ability to improve Penn

UA presidential candidate Cornelius Range shares his vision for student government. He wants to take things to a "Hole Nutha Level."
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