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04/18/19 2:58pm
We invited Candace Owens because of the hope and strength she represents for individuals who suffer social ostracisation because of different political beliefs. She is willing to “fall on a sword a thousand times” for her communities, her causes, and the truth.
10/26/14 9:51pm
Quite frankly, sometimes these arguments are purposely deceptive. Planned Parenthood’s 3 percent statistic, for example. Planned Parenthood has unbundled every particular “service” rendered in order to reduce the percentage that abortions make up. A routine visit, for instance, could rack up many “services,” depending on what exams you get or pills you receive. This convenient tallying is designed to distract from the other, more significant statistics — namely, the staggering number of abortions they perform.
11/05/12 2:01am

Guest Column | Respect, Resilience and the Republican Party

The Republican Party respects the need for equitable social policy and practice.
11/04/12 7:48pm

Guest Column | Respect, Resilience and the Republican Party

Looking past the regular political metric of ads, accusations and debates, it is important to consider the true nature of the Republican Party — not a nature of exclusivity or reactionary opposition, but one of compassion, motivation and promise based on practice.
11/06/06 5:00am

Message from College Republicans

Democrats want you to vote this Tuesday entirely based on your opinion of President Bush. Mailing after mailing, TV ad after TV ad and speech after speech the Democrats have attempted to make every Republican candidate look like Bush's ally and therefore, according to them, an enemy of the people.
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