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05/13/16 11:39am
When I arrived in Philadelphia, the airline lost my luggage. I remember the first time I made my way down Woodland Walk (before construction began on the new dorm).
04/24/16 10:44pm
“This is good. These girls always think it will help to talk to the press, and every time they come off looking cheap.” This line from “Confirmation,” a docudrama about the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings has stuck with me for days.
04/10/16 9:55pm
This past week, I attended Bernie Sanders’ rally in Philadelphia, marking my first time attending a presidential campaign rally.
03/13/16 9:49pm
As I waited for my bus to Maine, I readied myself to spend three weeks off the grid by mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed.
02/07/16 11:01pm
Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates recently criticized Bernie Sanders’ class-first policies in a piece in The Atlantic.
01/24/16 11:58pm
This week’s issue of The Nation featured two cover articles. “Why this Socialist Feminist is for Hillary,” by Suzanna Danuta Walters and “Why this Socialist Feminist is not Voting for Hillary,” by Liza Featherstone.
12/01/15 11:39pm
Last week, I enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with my family. Every year, I find myself dissecting what exactly it is I’m supposed to be celebrating on this holiday.
11/19/15 12:48am
It seems like every Locust Walk encounter with a friend, acquaintance or classmate brings another instance of a Penn student bemoaning their own misfortune for being swamped, under-socialized, under-slept and overworked.
11/05/15 12:25am
The term political correctness, which is usually applied as a pejorative phrase, entered mainstream usage after the publication of a series of New York Times articles written by Richard Bernstein in the late 80s and early 90s.
10/21/15 11:44pm
When I first arrived in Philadelphia, I immediately fell in love with this city. It was eccentric and dirty — the bastard child of New York, I called it. Even the cliche of place-based pride somehow didn’t apply here.
10/06/15 10:14pm
If Pennsylvania House Bill 262 becomes law, employees of adult entertainment establishments will have to pay $50 to register with the state, including a copy of photo ID, personal criminal history, eye color, hair color, stage names, height, weight, personal address and phone number.
09/24/15 1:12am
Breast cancer awareness month begins a week from today, initiating thousands of fundraising campaigns to support breast cancer research.
09/09/15 11:49pm
The Philadelphia public school system is in crisis. In the summer of 2011, Pennsylvania legislature cuts to the statewide education budget led to a $629 million budget shortfall in Philadelphia.
07/29/15 10:56pm
It is clear throughout that Strayed is not particularly concerned with the protection of the world responsible for her healing. This anthropocentrism, a view that humankind is at the center of all existence, helps fuel an attitude that condones the continual recreational use of natural spaces without commitment to their preservation.
07/15/15 10:37pm
When I read that Kate Bolick’s book “Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own” was akin to Betty Friedan’s “Feminine Mystique” in its transformational and generation-defining significance, I immediately picked up a copy. Unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed.
07/01/15 11:21pm
There exists an alarming disconnect between those theorizing, writing, protesting and occupying in the name of class injustice, and the institutions and practices of power these efforts claim to reject. This chasm has solidified the left’s role as one of calling out injustice from the marginalized periphery rather than pushing for and achieving concrete demands.
06/17/15 11:13pm
The push for flibanserin and its treatment of hypoactive sexual dysfunction disorder in women not only makes a mockery of the drug approval process. It marks a dangerous emboldening of the trend towards medicalizing women’s sexuality and a step away from women’s equality in the bedroom.
06/03/15 10:23pm
There is something missing from progressive social movements, city government and neighborhood-level decision making, and it is not Ivy League graduates. It is the participation of the communities we hope to “serve” on the frontline of the social issues that affect them the most.
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