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03/25/19 11:14pm
The partnership has allowed access to unique primary sources including original photographs, architectural drawings, and historical maps from Philadelphia.
03/17/19 9:31pm
Leprosy is an infectious disease that starts out as bacterial infection and affects the skin and the nerves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 150 to 250 cases are reported in the United States each year.
02/26/19 10:34pm
Students are currently able to major in mathematical economics, which has a significantly heavier mathematics course load and is four course units more than the traditional major. 
02/17/19 9:22pm
The influential poet recently won the Bollingen Prize, one of the highest awards for an American poet, for his book of "Near/Miss."
02/17/19 9:19pm
There are currently three videos in the series, all about five minutes long, which feature Hawk and Porter analyzing the Penn manuscripts in front of a green screen with Star Wars backgrounds.
02/05/19 11:09pm
“When there are larger social safety nets in place … like health care, education childcare, and job protected maternity leaves, women do not have to marry for money,” Ghodsee said. “They can actually choose their partners based on who they like rather than who will pay their rent.”
01/27/19 10:09pm
Experts say the more opioids that are prescribed, whether for animals or humans, the greater the risk of abuse.
01/15/19 11:34pm
Wharton senior Dotun Adejare, Wharton and Engineering senior Johnathan Chen, and Zhongyuan "Echo" Zeng, a candidate for a master's in city planning, received the scholarship last month.
11/18/18 3:42pm
Professors from Penn and other local institutions help devise experiments to solve Philadelphia-specific problems such as littering and voting turnout.   
11/11/18 9:35pm
The lab opened in the basement of the Colket Translational Research Building on Oct. 31 and will serve as a cell and gene-therapy testing and production facility.  
11/11/18 7:42am
For some Penn students, Homecoming weekend is a family affair. Meet some of the multi-generational Quakers who braced the cold on Saturday to attend the festivities. 
10/24/18 10:16pm
The event, called the Penn Peace Project, was hosted by the International Affairs Association.
10/23/18 11:29pm
Harvard Medical School has found through an internal investigation that there is fraudulent data in 31 scientific publications from the laboratory of a prominent cardiologist.
10/19/18 8:48pm
Student organizations Active Minds Penn and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention hosted an event to talk about sexual assault and mental health in light of current events such as the Kavanaugh hearing.
09/29/18 3:20pm
The program is also being implemented by universities in a total of five states. In Pennsylvania, Penn is joined by two other schools: West Chester University and Duquesne University.
09/25/18 11:54pm
Twenty-eight Penn students are taking part in a global fellowship is designed to help student projects that attain one or more of the UN's sustainable development goals.  
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