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05/16/13 5:32pm

'A Better Chance' program celebrates 50th anniversary

On Thursday, members of the ABC community gathered in College Hall for a breakfast to celebrate the program’s 50th anniversary and to honor exceptional contributions to the program.
04/09/13 12:18am

NY Times reporter calls for improved financial literacy

At last night’s talk, Appelbaum’s speaking style was just as straightforward and logical as his journalistic writing. He explained the central problem surrounding the financial crisis — that in the United States, economic policymaking dictates foreign policy, and the government is run by lawyers who occasionally take advice from economists.
02/15/13 12:08am
Malcolm Gladwell — the British-Canadian journalist and author of The New York Times bestsellers “The Tipping Point,” “Blink” and “Outliers” — raised a controversy and a trail of questions Thursday night after his lecture at the Harrison Auditorium in the Penn Museum.
02/13/13 11:25pm

Pomona College professor talks Arab Spring, China

The Xinjiang 13 might not seem like the most rebellious of groups at first glance. It’s composed of scholars from across the United States, hailing from Georgetown University to Pomona College, and all but two of them are banned from traveling to China. Wednesday night, the Center for the Study of Contemporary China hosted Pomona professor Dru Gladney to deliver a lecture titled “An Arab Spring in Beijing?
01/31/13 11:16pm
At last night’s Wharton Leadership Lecture in Huntsman Hall, College freshman Garrett Breeden got to meet his role model, Ron Shapiro, for the second time — 10 years after he jokingly signed a baseball card for Shapiro in case he ever became “rich and famous.”
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