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10/31/07 5:00am

Vietnamese Hoagies: T“i Mu“n Banh Mi

When most Penn students think about getting a sandwich their top choices probably come down to Geno's, Pat's, or Koch's. That's a shame, because one of the best sandwiches in Philadelphia is the banh mi, or a Vietnamese hoagie offered at many small eateries.
02/20/07 5:00am

West Philadelphia's Makkah of Halal food

Question: Where in West Philadelphia can one buy clothing, books, tapes, snacks, prepared food and get a haircut all in one store? Answer: At Makkah Market, located across from the mosque at 43rd and Walnut. Opened in 1996, Makkah Market has become the place to go for a diverse offering of Middle Eastern and African Halal dishes.
01/12/07 5:00am

Mummers on Parade

10/03/06 5:00am

Faces of the Italian Market

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09/21/06 5:00am

Scenes from a shattered city

New Orleans seems like three different cities. First, there is the eerily empty Ninth Ward. Across the canal, the French Quarter is astir with nightlife and recovering businesses.
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